Southern California has everything you could want for a perfect wedding: gorgeous weather, beautiful venues, natural outdoor scenery and world-class professional vendors. From picking a date to finding the best furniture rental for weddings, you can use this quick guide to start planning your nuptials.

1. Determine Your Budget and Guest Count

Knowing your numbers is essential when you’re planning a wedding. You need to figure out your total wedding and honeymoon budget first, plus how many guests you wish to attend. One smart move is to research local costs before drawing up a spending plan. You’ll have a better idea of what area vendors charge so you can set your priorities and design a wedding that best fits your vision.

2. Set Your Date

When choosing your date, you’ll need to consider factors such as weather patterns, work commitments and religious obligations. With the Mediterranean-like climate throughout the region, many couples choose to tie the knot in the fall when daytime and evening temperatures are more comfortable. Saturday is a popular day to get hitched, but don’t write off other times during the week. Morning and brunch time weddings are also trending, thanks to lower costs and the wide range of available cuisine.

3. Pick Your Location

Getting married in the SoCal area gives you access to a wide range of both indoor and outdoor venues. Your priorities should guide you when you’re evaluating possible locations. You’ll want to confirm that the venue has plenty of space and is accessible for all your wedding guests. Beyond that, the space should fit your requirements, whether you’re looking for special features like beautiful scenery or the ability to use an outside caterer. Be sure to read any contracts thoroughly before you sign and pay deposits.

4. Choose Your Vendors

Now, it’s time to select the professionals who’ll help make the magic happen. You must usually select an officiant along with photography and videographer providers, a caterer, entertainers, a bakery and a florist. Meanwhile, don’t forget to search for the best wedding rentals Los Angeles. You’ll need tents, dining tables, chairs and other types of seating if you’re saying “I do” in the great outdoors. However, don’t discount rental accessories for indoor events. Consider items that will decorate and enhance your space: lighting, backdrops, arches, tableware and accessories such as rugs, pillows and ottomans.

5. Select a Delicious Menu

Food is a huge part of wedding hospitality, especially in SoCal. With a dizzying array of cuisine choices, it can be hard to decide. Your best bet is to pick the menu and type of food that fits your event’s mood and vibe. Keep in mind that many cuisines are versatile and work just as well in traditional, contemporary, bohemian and other settings. Feel free to explore fusion food options if you want a diverse menu or can’t make up your mind.

There are many more details involved in planning the perfect SoCal wedding, but these are just the basics you’ll need to consider. Make sure you pick venues, vendors and wedding rentals San Diego that best fit your event’s vision.