London is a busy but beautiful city where more than 8 million people reside. It is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. It was visited by 19.83 million tourists in 2018, making it the second most visited city. Because of these so many guests, this city has not one or two but six airports for the public. Some of them located in places where a tourist would want to land because all the attractions are near. That’s why it’s important to learn about them before you head out to London.

London Heathrow Airport

This is the biggest airport in the United Kingdom and busiest in entire Europe. It’s also the primary hub for British Airways. London Heathrow Airport is at the far west of the city with five terminals inside it. It is 14 miles from central London and the easiest airport if you want to go to town. You can get an express train that takes you directly to Paddington station; however, it’s the most expensive train journey in the UK

London Gatwick Airport

Gatwick is 24.3 miles away from central London. It has two terminals that welcome over 40 million passengers every year. Its distance from the centre may not be appreciated by many tourists as it takes a lot of time and it’s expensive. Though it has a railway system, many new visitors find themselves on the wrong train with a wrong ticket. If you make an online booking, Gatwick Express will charge you £17.80 for one side from Victoria. Flying to London can also be expensive for many people if they don’t do their research. You can visit the website of BusinessClassExperts to find discount flights.

London City Airport

City is one of the smallest airports in the UK located in the Docklands, only seven miles away from central London. It is considered an airport for travellers who come for business. This is the only airport located in London. There isn’t any mainline train station in this area, but you can take Jubilee Line or Black cabs. It’s a small airport but you will find many good lounges and restaurants. The leisure destinations of the airport are well praised and their demand has also increased in the last few years.

London Luton Airport

This airport is located about 29 miles to the north of the centre. It’s the fourth largest and fifth busiest airport in the United Kingdom. Though the distance is significant, it is considered one of the cheapest airports in the UK for budget flights. Luton airport has the facility of shuttle bus and rail service as public transport. It takes 24 minutes on the train to reach the parkway railway station from this airport. 

London Stansted Airport

Stansted is also an airport for budget flights and fourth busiest in the UK. It has an express train of its own that takes you to Liverpool Street Station. This airport is 30 miles from central London and Cambridge. It is also very famous for its long runway of two miles that was designed for US Air Force Flying Fortresses. Its express trains leave every 15 minutes for Liverpool Street that cost £16.60.

London Southend Airport

It is the farthest of six airports to reach central London with a distance of 42 miles. While it may be far away but the journey from this airport to the centre is pleasant. There is Greater Anglia train service that takes 53 minutes and £17.10 to reach London Liverpool Street. This airport is basic and small but actually modern, and you will find several good restaurants there.