location independence

So I’m officially announcing that in a short amount of time (hopefully), I will become completely location independent. What is location independence you ask? Freedom. The freedom to be anywhere you  want to be, whenever you want to go, and for however long you want to stay. The thought is giving my goosebumps as I’m typing this post!

For the past 3.5 years, I have always wanted to be able to travel indefinitely. See the sights of the world on my bucket list, learn new languages, essentially, grow. I feel my knowledge and intellect, beyond trying to figure out ways to make more money, has been stagnant for a long time now. When I was in college, I was learning new things everyday, more idealistic, etc, and I want to head back in that direction a bit.

I finally feel that I can make it all happen financially with my online businesses in addition to a hopeful big chunk of change I’m going to run into selling my condo in Miami Beach, which is currently on the market! See here: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1228-Pennsylvania-Ave-APT-1-Miami-Beach-FL-33139/43907147_zpid/

Basically, whenever my place sells (which I’m currently living in), I can start the process of selling my car and motorcycle and then basically be as free as a bee of my tangibles. I’m selling my place furnished to not have to worry about getting rid of all my furniture as well.

Your biggest question might be, “where will you go?!” There, there sweet child…it’s the same question on my mind as well.

The truth is, I haven’t even thought about it too much, which might sound crazy given I’ll probably just have a span of a few weeks to decide where to head off to after the closing of my condo.

I haven’t thought too much about it because I don’t want to get too antsy and frustrated if it takes a bit longer for my place to sell, that and to enjoy my fleeting time in Miami as much as possible. There are also so many places I’d like to go, even nearby, that it doesn’t really even matter where I end up in my mind. The top choices are Peru, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and maybe back to Colombia to spend a bit of extended time to get some work down, go to the gym, take care of myself, etc.

I don’t plan on just vagabonding perpetually, but I want the flexibility to be able to head anywhere in a few days notice. I’ll rent short term apartments as I go along, and when I feel like I’ve experienced a place to a point where I’m ready for the next chapter, I’ll be free to do so. I think this lifestyle will also let me do a ton of networking which was the case on my last 6 month sojourn, as well as take advantage of opportunities for work, probably in the realm of consulting. So essentially, I’m not going to just backpack for a year and then call it quits. I’m continuing to grow my business, while continuing to grow myself and if and when I feel like I’ve found the place of my dreams, the woman of my dreams, etc., I’ll hang up my hat. This is a journey, not a trip.

I’m not letting myself get too riled up until things are really rolling along with my condo, but I’m truly excited. This is something I’ve been slowly working towards for the past few years and the time isn’t better. I’m 26, still have my slightly above average looks, no girlfriend and a little bit of green in the bank. I’m finally getting to live up to the name of the site I created 4 years ago. It’s officially….THE WORLD OR BUST!