Even in these economically stretched times, vacations to Spain remain a well priced holiday choice. However familiar Spain is as a holiday destination, there are plenty of ways to freshen things up a bit…

You may well have already looked into some of the many watersports available along the country’s gorgeous coastlines. Many people opt to remain firmly on dry land when visiting Spain, but it’s something of a wasted opportunity to remain on the beach for two weeks, only looking at the ocean. Getting out there on water skis or surfboards will go a long way towards making your holiday a memorable one.

San Sebastian – in the Basque country – is an ideal spot for water skiing. Situated on the Bay of Biscay’s southern coast, the city sits at the mouth of the River Urumea. San Sebastian’s picturesque shoreline makes it a popular resort with locals and foreign tourists alike. The mountainous backdrop in the region only add to San Sebastian’s charm.

And the picturesque coastline provides the perfect setting for water pursuits. If you are just a beginner, you should visit Spukas in the town’s Old Quarter. More advanced training is available at the Escuela de Surf.


If surfing is more your thing, you should get yourself down to Zurriola beach – probably the most famous surfer’s spot in San Sebastian. It is a favorite with tourists and locals, partly due to the shape of the beach which is highly conducive to surfing, and partly because of the excellent Atlantic waves that come in. Surfboards can be rented at all three of San Sebastian’s beaches.

But when you get tired of splashing around, there’s plenty in the way of culture here. San Sebastian is the equal of any similarly-sized European city. One of the highlights on the annual calendar is the ‘Basque Week’ festival, which takes place every year at the start of September. It showcases some of the very best in Basque culture, such as performances of poetry, pelota games and stone lifting competitions. There is also oxen wagers, dancing exhibitions and a cider festival. The highlight, though, is undoubtedly the rowing contest. Teams from various Bay of Biscay towns compete for the coveted Flag of La Concha. Supporters flock to the event in their thousands, coming from all over the region, filling the streets of San Sebastian with noise and colour. The final day (Sunday) is particularly popular.