The Republic of Ireland, arguably, boasts one of the best nightlife scenes available in Europe and perhaps around the world as they continue to be able to offer those in the country with the opportunity to experience some of the best entertainment on offer.

Whether it be enjoying a night out at one of the best bars or nightclubs that the Emerald Isle has to offer, whilst there are also some incredibly casinos that can be visited, there is one thing that can be guaranteed: the best possible night will be experienced regardless of where someone goes.

Indeed, as Ireland has recently become a hotspot for many and continues to grow in popularity, these are just some of the best nightlife spots that the country has to offer visitors (as well as those who live in Ireland):

The Sporting Emporium

Those that visit Dublin and like to have a flutter every now and again should be looking to make a casino as one place that they decide to make the most of when planning to experience one of the best nightlife spots on offer.

The Sporting Emporium is certainly one casino that needs to be visited, as it can provide an ultimate experience that is hard to match anywhere else on the Emerald Isle. Whilst mobile casino players will have had fun at, they will experience something completely different by spending a night here.

The casino has a number of different games available to choose from and play whilst they enjoy their night out on the town, with a wide array of classic table games and slots all accessible.

The George

The George is perhaps one of the best nightclubs that Dublin has to offer, so once you are done at the casino, heading here could be the next best thing to do in order to carry on with the night.

The club is located on Georges St and continues to play the absolute best in cheesy music, thus allowing visitors to go wild and have a crazy night. Furthermore, there are always a number of great guest appearances that take place at this venue, from reality stars to international DJ’s, therefore making it a nightclub that cannot be missed.

The Wright Venue

Another top nightclub to experience in Dublin is the Wright Venue, with the club being one of the standout venues in the country. 

Indeed, the venue’s luxury feeling can only be shown by the fact that a number of the world’s biggest celebrities have visited when in Ireland, with the likes of Usher, Rihanna, Laid Back Luke & Afrojack having all been at the multi-story, multi-award winning, multi-bar venue at various points.


Those that head to the south of the country and visit Cork will also be able to get a taste of some of the best nightlife possible in the Emerald Isle, with the Dali nightclub one of the best the country has to offer.

Indeed, the club could be argued to have the best sound systems in the country as they continue to blast out the best sounds surrounding the world of house, techno, and electro music. In addition, the venue is built inside a former cinema, thus adding some rather brilliant ambience and atmosphere to the overall experience.

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