Time is precious, and if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we should spend as much time as possible with those we love, doing what we love. Unfortunately, the demands of everyday life mean that too often, we don’t have hours to spend in this way. By the time work is done, chores are finished and errands are complete, there’s so rarely time to just unwind. 

If you’re feeling like time is getting away from you, you’re not alone. Without a complete life overhaul, it can be hard to find more time. That’s why we’ve put together these three lifestyle changes that will surely save you time. After all, every minute counts.

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1. Cooking in bulk 

If there’s one thing that consistently takes up a lot of time day to day, it’s cooking. From breakfast through to dinner, there is seemingly no let up in the need for food preparation. You likely spend over an hour everyday cooking, especially if you have a family and multiple mouths to feed. Sometimes, you probably don’t want to cook, so instead opt for something from the freezer or a takeaway. 

There is an easy way you can reclaim part of your day whilst still eating fresh, healthy food that has been prepared from scratch, and that’s by cooking in bulk. Of course, this does mean that you need to cook a couple of times a week, but at the same time, for the other days you don’t need to spend an hour cooking. If you saved an hour every other day, that’s an extra 15 hours a month you can use for something else, be it watching TV, having a bath or going for a walk.

2. Do HIIT workouts 

For a lot of people, they lose a considerable amount of time trying to fit in workouts. Heading to the gym, completing a comprehensive workout, coming home and showering can easily extend to two hours. When you’re supposed to exercise multiple times a week, this is a lot of time that is lost. Oftentimes, a lot of people end up cutting out exercise altogether because they simply do not have the time, and this can have a negative impact on your overall health and lifestyle. This needn’t be the case, though. 

With a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training), you can work your entire body – and rigorously – in as little as 20 minutes. Best of all, you can do the workouts at home a lot of the time, so you can save even more time by not commuting. If you work from home, it’s something you can do during your lunch break and still have time to comfortably eat. 

HIIT workouts are not recommended to be undertaken everyday due to their intensity and the need for your body to recover, so you can save yet more time.

3. Minimize household maintenance 

There are certain jobs that take a lot more time than others to complete. The beauty of the modern day is that technology can automate a lot of these tasks, such as dishwashers and the easy-iron setting on clothes dryers. Unfortunately, there are some jobs that still require a human touch. One of those is cutting the grass. The solution? Fake grass. Artificial grass care takes considerably less time than real grass care, so it’s something to consider – especially if you’re not green thumbed. 

Another quick fix comes in the way of vacuuming. Doing your entire house can take in excess of 30 minutes, and it’s 30 minutes of back-breaking work that needs to be done every week. Rather than hauling a vacuum cleaner around, invest in a robotic vacuum. It can charge itself and will clean whilst you’re away, so you literally don’t need to lift a finger. 


These are just three time-saving hacks. Do you have any? If not, will you be trying any of these?