Climbing Mount Olympus is a stunning experience that every outdoor lover should consider ... photo by CC user 84108876@N00 on flickr

So you want to be amongst where the ancient Greek gods took their place? Well, Mount Olympus is known for being the highest mountain in Greece, but it is also an exquisite location for climbing as it is in a national park. Although this is the case, climbing this monumental landmark is no easy task, as you will no doubt need the best equipment and guidance in order to master one of the most well-known mountain treks. Here are the essentials that you will need to take into consideration:

What To Wear

Of course, to climb such a mountain, it goes without question that you will need the right kind of clothing to wear. Instead of just mere shorts and a t-shirt, you will definitely need something with grit. Take a softshell jacket for instance; this is perfect for all kinds of weather and incredibly durable. Luckily, e-outdoor have a wide range of these jackets that are branded by some of the top outdoor labels. Just remember to keep your clothing practical, as it is better safe than sorry!

What To Take

Aside from what to wear, it goes without saying that the gear you bring along will impact your climbing experience. Apart from accessory chords and a climbing harness, you will no doubt need something to store all this gear into; which is why taking an exhibition backpack is great to store all equipment needed. A good tip is to opt for something simple and light, without too many zips.

What To Consider

What is great about Mount Olympus is that it is relatively easy in terms of climbing or hiking, so experienced or beginners alike can tackle this historic landmark. Despite this however, it should be said that those who venture out are of a suitable physical health standard, and you will be walking between 5-6 hours every day. Luckily however, as it is a national park there are 3 points where you may wish to start your hike up the mountain that are carefully mapped out. For more information, Uneventenor offers sound advice on preparing for you venture up the mountain.

So there you have it, the key essentials to preparing for climbing Mount Olympus. Once you have begun your journey, you will no doubt marvel at the gorgeous nature of one of the many wonders of the world; and better yet, gain sense of what it was like to walk among the gods.