Mountains in Romania

Romania’s natural beauty and biodiversity as well as rich cultural heritage makes this country an enchanting tourist destination, but knowing the best time to visit Romania makes your vacation here more worthwhile.  Located in the Balkan Peninsula, Romania has a temperate-continental climate with temperatures varying all throughout the year.

If you’d like to make the most out of your vacation in this country, it pays to know the best time to visit Romania.

Here are a few things you need to consider when determining the best time to visit Romania:

ClimateRomania has four distinct seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Spring is on March to May, summer is on June to August, autumn is from September to November and wintertime is on December to January.  Winters and summers can be both extreme with temperatures often reaching negative 1.5 degrees Celsius on January, and 69 degrees Celsius on August.

So the best time to go to Romania would be between March to October.

Accommodation costs and air fare.  When travelling to Romania during the peak season, one of the things you need to consider is the price of hotel accommodations and air fare.  If you’re travelling on a budget, it’s best to avoid going to Romania during summertime as it is the peak season in the country.  This means hotel accommodation prices and air fares could soar during this time.

So your best bet would be springtime to early summer (between March to early June) or late summer to autumn (late August to October).  Airfares during this time would be significantly lower and hotel accommodations won’t be as high.

Festivals.  Witnessing festivals in Romania are a unique cultural experience and something you must try when you’re in the country.  There’s something to look forward to anytime of the year, such as the Whit Sunday Szekely Pilgrimage, and the Fundata Fair in June.

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