Italian villas consistently rank among the best family accommodation abroad ... photo by CC user ashleyhexum66 on Flickr


The Domes of Elounda, all Suites and Villas Spa resort is located along the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean on the touristic hotspot of Elounda in the Greek Island of Crete. It is a state of the art architectural wonder combining earth colors, shapes and the Cretan history to create such an elaborate five star establishment. The resort features eighty suites, eight private residences, three villas and a royal villa. It is the epitome of luxury, relaxation and rejuvenation set amongst the most serene atmosphere.

For family holidays, the Domes of Elounda is the ideal accommodation choice with its varied facilities and services to cater for different kinds of families. They also offer swimming pools for adults and kids, maid services, spa, restaurants and a fitness centre. The villas stand separately from each other offering privacy, well-equipped kitchens, bedrooms, working fireplace and stunning views of the ancient castle of Spinalonga. It is the perfect destination for idyllic family beach holidays.


Morocco is an all time favorite family holiday destination. It boasts of varied landscapes featuring towering mountains, golden deserts, lush oases and forbidding deserts. It is also home to fascinating cultures and age-old traditions and customs that have endured the test of time. Staying in typical Moroccan accommodation is a great way to immerse in culture and create remarkable memories that will take a long time to fade.

Riads in Morocco are urban houses built in tasteful Moroccan architecture. All rooms face a central garden in the middle; the garden mainly consists of citrus plants and fountains. Riads have thick walls to protect its inhabitants from harsh weather and the city noise. Riads have decorative tiles on the floor and walls to keep them cool.

Let your family spend time in exotic surroundings in specialist riads to immerse in the rich Moroccan culture, get an insight into traditions, taste Moroccan cuisine and appreciate the Moroccan architecture and artisanship.


The boot-shaped country of Italy never ceases to amaze with its magical landscapes, art, culture, coastlines, ancient cities and islands. It is a bucket list destination for many travelers who want to experience its wonders, cuisine and way of life. For families, Italy is a top destination with endless lists of things to see and do.

Villa holidays in Italy provide families with exquisite accommodations with spacious rooms, extensive grounds and stunning countryside sceneries. They also come in different forms and sizes for different tastes and experiences. Depending on your type of holiday, you can enjoy the wide variety of villas including converted farmhouses, trullos, converted castles and even monasteries.

There are numerous regions in Italy for the perfect villa holiday the popular one being the breathtaking Tuscany, Umbria the heart of Italy, Puglia where trullis are common, the gorgeous Amalfi coast and in the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Wherever you go in Italy, you will find the perfect villa for your family.