Doing volunteer work in the Amazon is one of many great ideas for your Gap Year ... photo by tomsphotography2013 on flickr


Europe is such a fascinating continent; it is rich in history and culture and offers numerous diversities in both its physical environment and its people’s. Taking a backpacking trip across Europe can be eye opening, exciting and exposes you to different cultures across the continent. Peruse through ancient cities, witness breathtaking scenes, marvel at impeccable architecture, get lost in some of the world’s greatest museums and discover off the beaten path destinations. You can even do it on $50 a day.


A gap year may seem long and boring without careful planning, however you can make it worthwhile by teaching English in Tanzania with Oyster. Teaching English in Tanzania may involve teaching in both primary and secondary schools in rural or urban areas. It is rewarding in many ways including exploring the country in your free time, meeting new people, immersing in a new culture and improving your CV.


Volunteering abroad is rewarding and worthwhile during a gap year. You can volunteer to work in different humanitarian or environmental organizations in a field that you feel comfortable. In humanitarian activities, you can work in orphanages, hospitals, construction of houses for the homeless and in humanitarian projects such as empowering women.


The Amazon jungle and its intricate network of jungle waterways is one of a kind manifestation of nature at its best. It consists of dense forests, birds, animals and marine life. Board a boat and sail down the wild waters of the Amazon River, be adventurous and glide down jungle streams by skiff or kayak spotting marine life. You can also go on rainforest hikes, bird watching and immerse into the wild jungle atmosphere. If you are into culture and meeting new people, visit the villages along the riverbanks and learn about their way of life, which has remained unchanged for centuries. British Exploring offer one of the most extreme adventures out there.


Take some time to learn a new language during your gap year period. There are plenty of online language study platforms available that can make the process convenient and enjoyable. With the advancement of technology, learning a new language online has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility and accessibility.

One of the advantages of language study online is the flexibility of learning at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can choose from various language courses and customize your learning experience based on your level of proficiency and learning style. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, there are online language study platforms that cater to all levels of language proficiency.

In addition, online language study provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the target language through interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and language exchange programs. You can practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a supportive online environment that replicates real-life language use.

Moreover, learning a new language online exposes you to different cultures and helps you develop a global mindset. By understanding the language and culture of a different country, you can enhance your intercultural communication skills, which can be beneficial in various personal and professional settings.

Another advantage of learning a new language during your gap year is that it can improve your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume. In today’s competitive job market, having foreign language skills can be a valuable asset and set you apart from other candidates. Employers often value language proficiency as it demonstrates your ability to communicate with diverse populations and may open up opportunities for international job assignments.

In conclusion, taking the time to learn a new language during your gap year can be a rewarding and beneficial experience. With the availability of online language study platforms, you can easily embark on a language learning journey that fits your schedule and goals. So why not seize the opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your skills by learning a new language online? Start your language study today and unlock the many benefits that language learning can offer!


It is not easy getting a job without some experience, your gap year is the perfect opportunity to add some dazzle on your resume. You can apply to work as an intern in a company of choice to get an early look into possible careers as well as learn what is expected in the working world. Working as an intern in your career field allows you to gain valuable knowledge and the much-needed experience to flower your CV.


Travelling during a gap year is always full of surprises and exciting episodes. Unlike other holidays, which are limited by time, gap year travelling gives you more time to explore and immerse in different cultures. Take photographs and narrate your travelling experiences by writing a blog. Just make sure you’ve got a decent camera so you can document your travels, you can find the best one for the best price here,, just make sure you do your research!