On my recent trip up to Philly, I decided to try out a hotel booking website called EasyToBook.com that a friend told me about. With the competition pretty fierce these days for hotel booking websites, it’s rare to find much of a better deal on one or the other so for me ease of  use is just as important.

The site reminds me almost of an AirBnb.com/wimdu kind of set up which I like. Big search fields, a nice font and a clean design go a long way in my book. What’s cool about the initial search is that if you put in a city like “Philadelphia” for example, it provides “points of interest” so you can make sure you’re near by to things you want to see or places you need to be (hospitals, etc).

hotel booking website

After you do your initial search, you’re then taken to  the listings page which is very clean and easy to use, and every property has its corresponding TripAdvisor rating next to it, prices for different room options, correctly sized pictures and the hotel’s policies and amenities. Being from Philadelphia, I can attest to it displaying quality hotels from the get go, and in a range of different prices. The sidebar offers many more options for focusing the search like pricing, services, amenities, TripAdvisor reviews and much more.

hotel booking website

When you find a room you are interested in booking, the form to secure it is simple and not long winded. I also like the fact that you enter your credit card information on the same page so there is not an annoying amount of clicking through a bunch of pages.

All in all, I’d give Easy to Book an A rating and would definitely use it again.