Travel Contest

Well, if any of you have been reading my blog for the past year, you know that I’m into maps. When I was a kid, and there was any downtime in class, you could always find me at the back of the room, elbowed over the globe. I was so fascinated that people had been to every inch of the earth, and managed to draw it all out so perfectly. I also really liked looking at old maps as well and seeing how off some of them were!

For some reason, geography has always interested me more than let’s say, math, chemistry and choir class. There was nothing like microscoping over a map and and “discovering” a new island or country I had never heard of.

With the rise of Wikipedia, I have taken my random curiosity to the next level and can frequently find myself within a “Wiki Hole” like when I search something like “The Greek
Islands” and end up an hour later on the page for “The History of Feta Cheese”.

Anyways, I recently was perusing on the web for travel related info and saw TomTom (the auto GPS company) was holding a contest for an all-expenses paid trip to the island nation of Seychelles to help “Map Paradise”. I decided to apply, and of course, share the wealth with all of you!

TomTom will be providing a map pinging vehicle (first step of creating one of their maps) to drive around in to explore the island.

The application deadline is 8/6/12, oh, and did I mention they’re kicking in 10,000 Euros on top of the trip? Winning!