Those that find cheap accommodation in Melbourne are better able to enjoy the festive season without worry ... photo by CC user matt-davis on Flickr

While Melbourne is a wonderful place to spend the holiday season, it is no secret that this city (and the country in which it sits) is not cheap place to travel. If you are struggling with the problem of finding a place to stay that won’t shatter your budget like a Christmas-themed snow globe, know that there are options that will allow you subsist on a diet that is slightly more nutritious than Vegemite and toast.

The following post will detail your options for comfortable cheap accommodation in Melbourne, so you can focus on celebrating the season instead of stressing about your travel finances.

Lords Lodge Backpackers

If you are arriving in Australia as a young backpacker and want to build up some serious funds for your travels across the land of Oz, there is no better way to do that then to get a job in the retail sector in the lead up to Christmas.

In the mean time, you’ll need a cheap place to stay while you pursue your job search, and for that purpose, Lords Lodge Backpackers is the perfect spot to be. In addition to charging a reasonable rate, they offer assistance to those looking for employment in Australia’s second largest city, along with a central location to many of Melbourne’s best entertainment districts when the time has come to celebrate Christmas and your new status as an employed foreigner in Australia.

Miami Hotel Melbourne

If you’re passing through Melbourne during Christmas and want to celebrate the festive season here, but you don’t want to have to deal with another loud and dirty dorm after putting up with a string of them over the past few months, then the Miami Hotel in Melbourne deserves a close look.

Lacking mass dorms in favor of smaller four bed rooms (which must be bought all at once, eliminating the chance of being stuck with strangers you don’t know) and private suites, but boasting the common areas and facilities that hostels possess, Miami Hotel is the perfect place for those that require budget lodging, but require the privacy that hostels struggle to provide, all while retaining common areas for meeting fellow travelers.

Being located in the midst of Central Melbourne (Queen Elizabeth Market and Etihad Stadium are mere steps away), exploring this hip and artistically inclined city will be a breeze, as will attending public events throughout the festive season.

Sleep And Go – Melbourne

If you require a proper hotel during your time in Melbourne through Christmas, but you don’t want to set fire to your bank account in the process, there are options that provide comfort, quiet, and cleanliness, all at a very reasonable price.

Sleep And Go, which is situated 20 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from the airport in the suburb of Preston, offers all these advantages for a price that is markedly less than its competition (in fact, if you do find a better price for a nearby hotel online, they will happily match it).

Those seeking to get downtown to celebrate Christmas in the bright Australian sunshine with the locals will be able to do so with ease, as this hotel has transit connections that will get to the core in no time flat … no fighting holiday traffic in a rental car required! Upon returning to the hotel for the night, gym facilities, a refreshing pool, and a communal BBQ will allow you the chance to interact with fellow guests, which is something that is quite rare outside of hostel-style accommodations these days.