So today is el Dia Grande… I leave for Mexico city in a couple hours, and more or less, everything is packed and ready to go. This has been a long process of wavering where I wanted to end up down there, what I wanted to do, etc…So I’m just happy to get moving. After about 5 inoculations and various other medications including a typhoid vaccine that involved refrigeration and instructions to take 1 pill every 2 days for 4 in total, I’m kind of feeling like a super human with an immune system only a Nazi could raise a nose to. Too bad theres no diarrhea cure because unfortunately, I think it’s ambitious to think Montezuma won’t grinningly have his revenge on me at least once in the whole month 🙁 …. Well, Adios America, and Guten Tag Mexico!

~More to come shortly (I Hope)