Thanks to its astounding past, its beautiful nature and its invaluable artistic heritage appreciated all over the world, Tuscany has been and always will be one of the most loved and visited place on earth. This land is so rich of treasures that appeals to different kinds of tourists with different taste and interests. Tuscany is a dream destination for many and the reasons why are plenty.

streets of Florence

If you haven’t been there yet, you should consider to plan a trip to Florence, checking sites like, where you can find various types of good and charming accommodations. Strolling around its streets is like going back in time and feel the Renaissance spirit in your heart. Some of the greatest Italian masters of art of all time have been inspired by the city and there they left their unique masterpieces. A few names? Giotto, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo… But Florence is not the only city worth visiting in this fascinating region: San Gimignano is an enchanting medieval town that survived the attack of Attila and it is now famous for its towers; Pienza has been considered an artistic treasure by UNESCO thanks to the artistic spirit of Pope Pius II who designed it, or Siena, who has preserved its medieval charm throughout the years. The list is countless!

Tuscany is also a temple for those who love nature and spending time outside. On its coast, stretching on the Tyrrhenian sea, there are spectacular and beautiful beaches, most of which have been recognized with high environmental standards, such as those in Versilia or Maremma, or those in the pristine landscape of Isola d’Elba. Probably, the countryside is what Tuscany is well known about and it is truly something that can leave you breathless. The wide and green valleys and hills of this region are studded with vineyards and farms of all kind, highlighting the beauty and richness of the countryside. To enjoy nature at its fullest, we’d recommend that you pay a visit to one of the many “agriturismi” in Tuscany, real farms that offer food and accommodation to its visitors. There you would get a glimpse of the real life in the countryside and relax immersed in the colours of the blooming and luxuriant fields, far away from the traffic and crowded places of the city, tasting real Italian food made from the produce, eggs, meat, wine and olive oil off the farm.

And what is one of the things Tuscany is known for all around the world? Food and wine. In Tuscany, there are some of the most notable wine regions in Europe and the most famous wines in the world are made with Sangiovese grapes which is the main component for Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Carmignano. Food in Tuscany is made with basic and natural ingredients valuing the history and culture of the region itself. Gourmets and top-rank chefs come from everywhere to taste the traditional Tuscan bread, made just with water, flour and yeast, that accompanies tasty main dishes like the “bistecca fiorentina” (a grilled steak), “ribollita”, a soup made with vegetables and beans, or “caciucco”, a fish stew with five different types of fish.

If you really haven’t been in Tuscany yet, we’re pretty sure we made it clear why you cannot keep away from it, so you can start planning your trip start planning your trip and get ready for the best holiday of your life!