Gondola Rides In Venice: A Perfect Way To Spend Valentine's Day In Europe!

Those who demand just a little bit more out of life may be tougher to please, but it inevitably leads to a vastly heightened experience for both involved. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your discerning partner will likely be expecting something rather special, as usual.  Why not surprise them with a luxury getaway to the European Continent?

With a variety of amazing experiences waiting for you here, the possibilities are endless.  In fact, you might be so caught up in the planning process that you might have a hard time deciding what to do exactly.  To break this stalemate in your mind, might we interject and offer you a few suggestions for a luxurious Valentine’s Day in Europe?

This day should be mostly about enjoying the presence of your love, and not spent fretting over plans, so let us do the heavy work so you can focus on building up the excitement of a special day spent amongst the most romantic continent on the planet. What is the best gift when it comes to being the most romantic in gifts for her?

Viva Italia! A Gondola Ride & An Authentic Italian Dinner in Venice, Italy

This may be one of the more cliché getaway ideas on this list, yet activities like gondola rides usually attain such a status for a good reason.  Being taken through narrow canals that are nestled between classic architecture, all while your gondolier serenades you with a lovely tune is an experience that will bring you and your partner closer together.

Following this unique bucket list activity, find a restaurant in Venice that specializes in Venetian cuisine, such as Osteria di Santa Maria, which offers the classic al fresco seating that this city is famous for, as well as a divine sea bass ravioli, simmered in clam and mussel broth.

Sideways, Euro Style: Winery-Touring in Porto, Portugal

Is your significant other a wine enthusiast? During a time when most of the continent is still gripped in the throes of the damp, cold winter that Europe is famous for, Porto in Portugal is delightfully mild, with temperatures at night usually the same as daytime highs further north.

With well over 50 port houses (the name of the region’s characteristic wine, unsurprisingly) to choose from, the sweet spiked grape juice will have the two of you in a higher place within a short period of time.  After this, settle into an classic Portuguese meal at Cafeina … be sure to try the steak with pepper sauce!

Romance Beneath the Matterhorn: Skiing and Mountain Sightseeing in Zermatt, Switzerland

If your relationship is an active one, we can think of no better place to take your lover for life than Zermatt, the most romantic town by far in the Swiss Alps.  In the shadow of the Matterhorn, make tracks down spectacular ski runs, taking periodic breaks to sample the finest in European wine in the day lodge.

After a day spent exploring the crown of the European continent, retire with your lovely companion to a luxury ski chalet complete with a jacuzzi tub, soaking your aches away together in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet.

For those that appreciate the finer things in life, there is no better place in the world to be than Europe on Valentine’s Day.  With centuries of experience catering to royalty and aristocrats, the masters of luxury certainly know what they are doing as they provide you with a holiday experience that will be hard to rival anywhere else in the world!