Yesterday, I got called up by a friend from college asking if I’d like to come to an event at a high-end fitness club in downtown Miami.  I had a long day and needed a drink (it was open bar) so I decided to head over.  I have been to plenty of “events” at fitness clubs before being that my background is in exercise science and I used to be a personal trainer.  They usually consist of a couple bush league vegetable platters from the super market, awkward fluorescent lighting and the club’s 65 year old patrons looking to snag some free snacks.  But this event was different my friends.

I arrived at the address my friend provided.  It was a skyscraper.  I entered the lobby, checked the directory and headed for the elevator..  The doors opened on the 15th floor and I was immediately forced to look at a bulletin board with 50 pictures of dogs and cats and ordered to choose which one “I thought was cutest” (The Humane Society was one of the event’s sponsors), I purposefully picked the ugliest one and was then handed my drink tickets.  I walked past the reception desk into what seemed to be a night club; there were flashing lights, pumping bass, multiple bars and even people dancing.  This was a serious party.

I made my way back to the basketball court which was graced by even more bars, a large crowd of people and a pretty cool silent auction that (once buzzed) I bid $250 on a Romero Britto signed print.  Thank god I got outbid!

I continued to eat, drink and be merry when all of a sudden I heard a voice come on a microphone that said, “Are you ready?!?!!?” I quickly turned my head to witness something I hoped never to see live…a boy band performing. Not only is it 2011 (not 1999), but the venue and timing of their performance was just bizarre, never the less, I have to say the dancing was pretty good, the singing…not so much (take note of the guy in the back just singing rhythm).