Comprised of seven appealing states specifically stylish Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain and Sharjah, the top tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates are definitely a must experience for any travel enthusiast. Long established architectural heritage sites as well as contemporary sky scrapers are just a few of the attention-grabbing attractions that might convince you to explore United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi buildings

Apart from all the notable destinations in United Arab Emirates, the awe-inspiring buildings in Dubai have probably stood out the most and caught the attention of the entire globe. Owing to its breathtaking appeal and extraordinary architecture with strong European inspiration, any spectator would be spellbound by the vast infrastructure masterpieces of Dubai. Another attraction to look forward experiencing in the state of Dubai is its Desert Safari which features heart-pounding escapades and thrill.

One of the currently-created top tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates is its Wild Wadi theme park. In Wild Wadi even the citizens along with many tourist travellers take pleasure in spending quality time with their family and friends. The fun-rides are absolutely electrifying and breathtaking as a result it is adored by everyone.

Situated at the back of the Al Moosa Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, the renowned Satwa Park can be found. Satwa Park is considered to be among the current top tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates which exhibits lush green landscapes, sheltered regions, areas for leisure, playground sites for kids, pathways and courts for various sports. Also one of the fundamental crowd-drawers in the park is its rubberized footpaths for running and the exceptional services for kids with special needs and desires.

Al Fahidi Fort is one of the most visited heritage sites nestled in the state of Dubai. Being deemed as a primeval structure merited for its brilliance it is also regarded as one of the top tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates. The fort was formerly a domicile of Dubai’s head of state, a prison and even an ammo market. In the year 1970 the citadel was converted into a museum now famously recognized as the Dubai Museum. The fortifications of Al Fahidi are composed of shell debris and corals while its ceilings were comprised of clay and palm leafs. The Museum was opened to the public a year after it became a museum displaying a wide anthology of documentations which reflects the traditional way of life of the UAE. In addition to that, aside from indigenous artefacts, works of art from other countries can also be found here.

There is just so much to enjoy and experience among the top tourist attractions in United Arab Emirates. Sightseer spots such as the Al Hosn Palace in Abu Dhabi, Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa and Dhow Warfage in Dubai, Central Market at Sharjah and the Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain are just some of the commendable places that you might want to explore. Abu Dhabi is a great place to spend a few nights as its central in the UAE and you can get everywhere pretty easily. The Emirates Palace by Kempinski is one stylish hotel not to miss in Abu Dhabi as well! You’ll see why from the second you step foot inside.