Choosing a serviced apartment may become a bit cumbersome. However, you don’t need to worry as this guide has been prepared to help you figure out the best hotel apartment for your needs.

Firstly, you may need a serviced apartment in Dubai for many reasons. It may be because of work, tourism, vacation, or any other personal reason. For whatever reason, it is important to carefully research and select an apartment that will give you the most comfort when you move in.

More so, serviced apartments allow you the opportunity to enjoy different classy amenities, and enough space to relax or work. They are a good option for having a getaway or just to reduce stress.

Whatever reason you may be considering having that trip to Dubai, let’s go through ways you can select a serviced apartment.

What to do Before Booking a Serviced Hotel Apartment

Before picking a serviced apartment, there are many things you should look into. One of the most important is pricing. Prices may differ depending on amenities, structures, services offered, and location.

Ensure that you have a budget so you don’t overspend. Make sure that you also compare prices and balance your budget with prices and amenities that match your desire. Be strategic about picking the location of the apartment. Do research on serviced apartment offers in Dubai from Hotel Apartments. This helps you have an overview of the different apartments offered in Dubai.

Look out for safety instructions and processes installed. More so, read through reviews of the apartments. This gives you a knowledge of what to expect when you finally pick an apartment of your choice. All these are important considerations when trying to book a serviced apartment in Dubai.

Guide on Choosing the Most Suitable Serviced Hotel Apartment in Dubai

Always do Research: When you do research, narrow it down to a top-five pick. This helps to make comparisons easier. These top five picks should all be according to your personal preferences. They can also each be according to location, price, reviews, security, and amenities. After selecting your top five, check each of them for what you need personally. Confirm which of them can give you what you need it for exactly. Contact the providers of the apartments and ask them questions about the places.

Pick an Apartment Size: Determine how large you want the apartment to be and ask questions about that. Check the number of rooms according to your needs. Also, always consider additional services that may be rendered by the apartments. These may include extra fees for certain services. It may be spa treatments or a gym. More so, when comparing the top five picks, try to assess communication and how fast your concerns are attended to. This gives you more knowledge on how effective their customer service is.

Book Early: In addition, choose an apartment that offers additional services. Even if you didn’t plan for them initially, if you book early, some of these services may be offered to you for free. When doing your research, you should have looked up the booking processes so this will help make payment and other necessary arrangements easy for you.

Always Check the Reviews: To choose the best, it is always advisable to go for the one that has the best reviews. However, these reviews should be researched according to the latest and you should rely on something other than past glories. Compare the ratings of each of the apartments. A good move is to check the latest low reviews. This helps you know what issues others may have had with the place and the way the apartment management has handled customers’ concerns.

Ask Questions: With questions, you will not be wrongly directed. Try to reach out and ask the right questions before starting the booking process. The sensitivity of the customer’s support to your questions will help guide your final decision. After all the comparisons, put them together, do a final check, and choose the one that ticks most or all your boxes. Choosing the best-serviced hotel apartment in Dubai eventually comes down to what your preferences are. There are many serviced apartments with different services offered. Therefore, picking the best will mean choosing the best one for you.


In all, this guide can be summarized as these five helpful tips for choosing a serviced apartment in Dubai: do research, pick an apartment size depending on what you want, book an apartment early for early bird discounts and more, read reviews and ratings, and ask relevant questions. 

Don’t forget, before you make a payment, confirm the provided payment channel. Make a budget to follow and make an account of your spending from the moment you book the serviced apartment, to when you move in and when you finally check out of the place. Go through safety procedures to ensure that the apartment is safe and secure.