Overthrowing Bhutan as the happiest country in the world is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Denmark. Denmark is a sovereign state of Scandinavia located in Northern Europe. Countless things make it an interesting and practical destination for travel, check out these 5 reasons why traveling to Denmark is most definitely, worthwhile.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Reason #1: Most Danes speak English

80 percent of the local population speaks English. This is mainly because of the free education system and perhaps because English movies are rarely dubbed before they are shown on cinemas and TV. English-speaking tourists will have no trouble communicating in Denmark, much to the point that you can ask for directions and get around with no trouble.

Reason #2: Getting around is easy

Not only do Danish people speak English very well, they also have a great public transportation system which makes getting around very easy. The country’s public transportation can be likened to Japan, one of the top reasons to visit Denmark. You can explore much of the country in little to no time because Denmark is so small. Nothing is more than a couple hours at most from Copenhagen, the capital.

Reason #3: Incredible food

In Denmark, food and wine are paired more often than they are in France even believe it or not. You will find that there are many decent restaurants in the country and a range of wine selections. Make sure to try a smørrebrød, a type of open-face sandwich that Denmark is famous for.

Reason #4: Christiania, the “separatist” state

The 101-acre “Free State of Christiania” is a separatist state. It has its own government and pretty much functions independently from the rest of the country with its own schools, shops, and recycling programs among other things. But the days of Christiania are almost up since the Danish government has been out to reclaim its land since its establishment in 1971. While it’s still there, make sure that you pay a visit to Christiania, one of the top reasons to visit Denmark. (you may still want to pick up some cheap travel insurance before you check it out, even though it’s completely safe!).

Reason #5: Kid-friendly destination

Denmark is a kid-friendly destination. It has several attractions that cater to families with children. Among them are museums, zoos, and of course, Legoland in Billund.