Mexico City is on a tear! The gastronomical scene in Mexico City is firmly established as world class, and one neighborhood in particular is bursting at the seems with hot spots. Nestled within the pulsing center of the food scene of Mexico City is the Juarez neighborhood, a gastronomical paradise that is home to some of the best restaurants in Mexico City. Whether you’re craving traditional Mexican fare, international cuisine, or innovative fusion dishes, Juarez has something to tickle every foodie’s palate. Here are 11 of the best restaurants in Jaurez Mexico City.

typical street in Juarez, Mexico City

1. Elly’s: Where New York City meets Mexico City

Starting our culinary journey, the first stop is always going to be Elly’s. Recommended as the best restaurant in la Juarez Mexico City, this gastronomic gem is renowned for its innovative dishes and impeccable service. showcasing a menu that seamlessly fuses Mediterranean with traditional Mexican flavors, every dish is a testament to the culinary prowess of its talented chefs. Elly’s is also the heart of the natural wine scene in Mexico City as well, known for helping bring the pet nat craze to CDMX. All the sultry music reverberated through the renovated Bauhaus home originates from vinyl, with playlists meticulously curated by seasoned restauranteur and partner, Andres Herran.

2. Niddo: A Taste of Home

Next on our list is Niddo, a quaint restaurant that brings the warmth of home-cooked meals to the bustling streets of Juarez. With a menu filled with family favorites, Niddo offers a delightful blend of Mexican, international, and Jewish dishes. The burrata brava for brunch comes highly recommended, along with their fishcake and salads.

3. Cafe Nin: A Morning Delight

For early risers, Cafe Nin is a must-visit. This charming cafe serves some of the best breakfasts in the city, with its menu featuring a delightful array of dishes that are perfect for starting your day on a delicious note. Don’t miss the Panaderia Rosetta rol de guayaba, a guava roll that is as delightful as it sounds, and the chocolate berlinesas for those with a sweet tooth. Cafe Nin and Panaderia Rosetta are part of the same group.

4. Taquería El Califa: A Taco Lover’s Paradise

No trip to Mexico City would be complete without indulging in its quintessential street food – tacos. Taquería El Califa is a local favorite, known for its delicious al pastor tacos. Open until the wee hours of the morning, this is the perfect spot for late-night taco cravings.

5. Xaman Bar: An amazing speakeasy

For those looking to unwind after a day of exploring, Xaman Bar offers a cosy retreat. Tucked away down a flight of stairs, this speakeasy-style bar has a beautiful interior and serves tiki-style drinks that are sure to impress.

7. Kyo Sushi: A Slice of Japan in Mexico City

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Kyo Sushi is one of the best sushi spots in the city. With only 13 seats, the restaurant offers an intimate dining experience that is enhanced by its delicious menu. Be sure to make a reservation to secure your spot at this popular sushi haven.

8. Havre 77: French Cuisine in a Mexican Setting

A taste of France in the heart of Mexico, Havre 77 offers a menu of French classics that are perfect for when you need a break from Mexican food. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored building, providing a sumptuous setting for a delightful meal.

9. Loose Blues Dining: A Hip Asian Fusion Spot

Last but certainly not least, Loose Blues Dining takes Juarez’s reputation as the mecca of Asian food in Mexico City up a notch. Offering a seafood-heavy menu featuring a delicious mash-up of Asian cuisines, this is a great spot for foodies looking to explore new flavors, great food, and great service.

From traditional Mexican fare to international cuisine, the best restaurants in Juarez, Mexico City offer a culinary experience that is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. So whether you’re staying near Reforma, the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, or the St. Regis, be sure to explore the culinary delights that Juarez has to offer. Bon appétit!

10. Amaya: A Fusion of Flavors

Rounding up our list is Amaya, a restaurant that expertly blends Mexican and international flavors to create a truly innovative dining experience. Helmed by Chef Jair Téllez, Amaya serves a meticulously crafted menu that changes with the seasons, ensuring fresh and exciting flavors all year round. Their natural wine selection is also worth the visit.

Whether you’re staying near the Angel of Independence, the Torre Mayor, or the Museo de Arte Moderno, there’s no shortage of delicious dining options in Juarez. With its vibrant culinary scene that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, Juarez is a true foodie paradise. Enjoy your culinary journey!

Do you have any other best restaurants in Juarez Mexico City that’ve you’ve been? Email me so I can try them out!

Here are some more frequently asked questions about Juarez, Mexico city:

Is Juarez a good neighborhood in Mexico City?

Juarez, located in Mexico City, is considered a good neighborhood by many residents and visitors. With its vibrant dining scene, diverse cultural institutions, and bustling nightlife, it offers a lively urban atmosphere. However, like any city neighborhood, it has its challenges and it’s always a good idea to remain aware of your surroundings.

What is the basic information of Mexico City?

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is one of the most populous cities in the world. It’s known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse cuisine. Situated at an altitude of 2,250 meters, it has a subtropical highland climate. The city is divided into 16 boroughs, each with its unique characteristics and attractions.

What are the neighborhoods in Mexico City?

Mexico City is home to a multitude of diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique charm. Some of the well-known ones include Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Coyoacán, and Zona Rosa. Each neighborhood offers different experiences, from the upscale boutiques of Polanco to the bohemian vibe of Roma Norte and Condesa.

What is named after Benito Juarez in Mexico City?

In Mexico City, one of the most significant landmarks named after Benito Juarez, the former president of Mexico, is the Monument to Benito Juarez. This impressive statue is located in the Alameda Central park. Additionally, a neighborhood in the city is also named Juarez in his honor.

What are the richest neighborhoods in Juarez?

In Juarez district, neighborhoods like Roma and Zona Rosa are considered among the wealthier areas. They are known for their upscale restaurants, high-end boutiques, and luxury apartment buildings. However, the level of wealth can vary within the district.

What are the 3 safest neighborhoods in Mexico City?

Three of the safest neighborhoods in Mexico City are Polanco, San Angel, and Coyoacán. Polanco is known for its upscale ambiance, San Angel for its colonial architecture and tranquil atmosphere, and Coyoacán for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene.

What is the richest neighborhood in Mexico City?

Polanco is often considered the richest neighborhood in Mexico City. Known for its luxurious residences, high-end shopping centers, and gourmet dining scene, it’s a symbol of affluence and sophistication in the city.

What is the coolest neighborhood in Mexico City?

Roma and Condesa, known for their bohemian, hipster vibe and array of trendy cafes, boutiques, and art galleries, are often considered the coolest neighborhoods in Mexico City. They offer a unique blend of historic charm and modern lifestyle, making them popular among young professionals and creatives.

What is the nicest area in Mexico City?

The nicest area in Mexico City can be subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, Polanco, with its upscale living, and Coyoacán, known for its beautiful colonial architecture and bohemian spirit, are often cited as some of the nicest areas in the city.

What is the most walkable neighborhood in Mexico City?

Condesa is often considered the most walkable neighborhood in Mexico City. With its wide, tree-lined avenues, beautiful parks, numerous cafes and restaurants, and close proximity to key attractions, it’s a great area for pedestrians to explore.

What is the oldest part of Mexico City?

The oldest part of Mexico City is the historic center, known as Centro Histórico. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to many of the city’s most important historical and cultural landmarks, including the Zocalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Templo Mayor.

Where do most expats live in Mexico City?

Most expats in Mexico City choose to live in areas like Polanco, Condesa, and Roma. These neighborhoods are popular due to their central location, vibrant social scene, access to amenities, and the availability of English-speaking services.