It is no secret that everyone likes a good party. We have birthday parties, graduation parties, and even divorce parties. We generally do not need additional reasons to celebrate. If you want an extra reason to have friends and family over to celebrate with you, here are ten reasons to party.

The List

  1. Moving Party. Moving is one of those things that is generally filled with mixed emotions. There is joy in moving someplace new, maybe a bigger house for your growing family or far away for new opportunities. But there is also sadness in leaving a place that has been home. Celebrate the memories by having one last hurrah. (And then again with a housewarming party once you get to your new home!)
  2. Housewarming Party. Moving into a new home can be overwhelming but exciting too. It’s the perfect time to celebrate by having friends, family, and new neighbors stop by for a potluck as you show off your new home. You never know what new and trendy kitchen accessory you might receive.
  3. Major Milestone Birthdays. Big birthday parties are not just for kids anymore. Every number is worth celebrating, whether it’s the first, tenth, sixteenth, twenty-first, or ninetieth birthday.
  4. Gender Reveal. Gender reveal parties have become a must for those expecting a child. Whether their first baby or fifth, expectant couples can expect creative ways to announce their baby’s gender. From breaking open balloons to a gender reveal confetti cannon, there are multitudes of fun and safe ways to celebrate the excitement of pregnancy.
  5. Baby Shower. Baby showers would naturally follow a gender reveal. These days there are showers just for the mom and her gal pals, and there are showers for couples, allowing dad and his friends to participate in the festivities.
  6. Goal Attained Party. These are the parties where we celebrate personal victories in life. An author might commemorate the publication of their first book. At the same time, a finance manager’s goal of being promoted to head of cryptocurrency deserves recognition. Or simply lasting a year in a current job is a personal victory that deserves a toast.
  7. End of Season Party. Whether it’s sports, music, dance, or theater, children and their parents spend hours and weeks together during a typical season. Celebrating their successes (and your survival) is a pleasant way for everyone to see each other as an official end to the season.
  8. Seasonal Celebrations. Embracing cultural celebrations like Cinco de Mayo or Oktoberfest are fun and different ways to invite friends over to celebrate. Of course, there is always Halloween for a fun-filled night of dress-up for all ages.
  9. Friendsgiving. The day before. The day after. The day of. Whatever day it occurs, Friendsgiving is a fun and festive way to celebrate your friendships outside of your immediate family (and the stress that may include). Invite friends to each bring a dish and a beverage of their choice.
  10. Marriage. Only some people want a big wedding. Maybe it’s a second wedding. Perhaps the bride and groom did not want a big wedding for financial or personal reasons but wanted to celebrate with close friends and family instead. Guests can still light up sparklers for wedding exit at a celebration of the nuptials. They are a fun, safe addition to the celebration.

Find a Reason to Celebrate

With the world mostly open again, the opportunities to celebrate have increased. We should find joy in even the littlest of things. Tea parties, kaffeeklatsch, or even game nights make simple reasons to bring people together to celebrate the fact that we can again. If none of these options fit into your calendar, create your reason to celebrate.