This guide will break down London for the location independent professional
Photo by CC user derwiki on Pixabay

Part of the appeal of being a location independent professional (aka digital nomad, remote worker, etc) is that you can visit any place in the world and be able to enjoy yourself irrespective of cost, as you can earn an income as you travel.

London has become one of the more popular destinations on Earth for laptop-toting travelers, as its significant attractions, world-class dining scene, and robust business climate has drawn them here in droves.

If you hope to join them in the near future, here is what this city has to offer digital workers.

Where to stay

If you are still in the process of bootstrapping your business, you will want to keep your costs down by staying in hostels, budget hotels, and cheaper Airbnb’s.

If you have an established cash flow, however, realize some value for your money by staying in a stylish boutique hotel like the CitizenM.

Boasting three branches in the central London area (including its conveniently situated location in Bankside), you’ll be able to stay in a place that has inspiring design without having to break the bank.

Hosting client meetings

Some location independent professionals visit London simply for pleasure, as it is a major world city with plenty of sights to see and things to experience.

If you are looking to mix a bit of business into your visit, though, there are meeting rooms for rent in London that will be able to accommodate your needs.

With inspired settings, superfast wi-fi, and free coffee being among the amenities that these spaces provide, you will have the environment you’ll need to persuade potential clients to get on board with whatever initiative you might be promoting.


While the wi-fi in your place of accommodation may be adequate enough, you might need faster speeds for larger file transfers, or you may simply want to get out into the city for the change in scenery required to pump out inspired work.

Cafes do offer the atmosphere that location independent professionals crave, but their internet speeds can vary widely, and they may not always be reliable.

Co-working spaces have begun to proliferate across the world in recent years to respond to this need for reliable fast internet and workspaces that inspire creative work; on this point, London has not been an exception.

From Techspace London, which offers micro-roasted coffee and 24/7 access, to Campus London, which was founded by Google and offers networking events and a rotating cast of speakers, there are plenty of places where you can bang out work and meet fellow remote employees and entrepreneurs in the process.

Larger companies have established offices, but thanks to co-working spaces, the business infrastructure that had been hard to come by for highly mobile operations is now readily available.

Networking with fellow location independent professionals

Co-working spaces are a great place to network with fellow digital nomads and freelancers, but there are other ways you can get to know them outside of these shared offices.

Start by searching for social groups on platforms such as Facebook for groups such as London Digital Nomads, and you’ll have access to a network of fellow independent workers that often plan social gatherings at pubs, restaurants and elsewhere outside of work hours.

In this way, you will be able to forge the sort of strategic alliances with other entrepreneurs and freelancers that will help boost your business to the next level.