If you were to choose a part of the world that was best to drive in on holiday, where better than continental Europe?

In Italy, Spain, France, Germany and other nations, many of the routes will take your breath away; but if driving there, you should be aware of some of the rules, which differ significantly from those governing motoring in the UK.

As this infographic created by Auto Web proves, driving in a different country means having to obey different laws which can make it easy to get caught out. In France, you should remember to bring your own breathalyzer with you and make sure you drive a little more slowly in wet weather, as it’s all too easy to forget both rules!

One of the oddest laws is in Spain, where drivers who wear prescription glasses must bring two pairs, presumably if one pair was to break. Meanwhile, driving in Germany will be made a lot riskier if you don’t bring a first-aid kit or stay within a set distance of the car in front. Check out the infographic and hopefully you’ll be more prepared for your next European road trip!

(click the infographic to enlarge)

funny European driving laws