Unbeknownst to many non-travellers, several Canadian cities are home to a maze of underground walkways, malls, eateries, and so much more. Given the extreme weather in the country, it comes as no surprise that human ingenuity has crafted interconnected complexes across this country. One such locale is Montreal’s Underground City. This indoor city is the largest underground city complex in the world. Among others, these complexes feature good lighting and air conditioning. And yes, these tunnels are peppered with stores on either side.

In Montréal, there are 20 miles of tunnels, and they connect with aboveground stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, post offices, museums, and apartment buildings. The reason why underground cities like this exist is to allow normal life to continue when temperatures plummet during the freezing winter months, or spike during summer . Known as the RESO, the underground city is a warm and welcoming retreat for visitors and locals alike. An estimated half-million people routinely use the Underground City daily.

You may be curious to learn that there aren’t any residents actually living in these subterranean tunnels. While the Underground City remains a top-tier attraction in Québec, further to the south-east, Toronto’s underground city features 4 million ft.² of shopping with retail stores as far as the eye can see. Like Montréal, the Toronto underground city also connects hotels and stores and office towers across many miles and many tunnels.

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Life is grand in and around the tunnels. These safe-haven enclaves from the blistering cold & sultry heat certainly serve their purpose. Folks can enjoy all the luxuries of day-to-day living, without any of the bad weather ruining it all. Humankind’s inventive spirit was not subdued by the harsh reality of Canada’s unwelcoming extremes. Indeed, you can surf the web in these underground cities, and enjoy all the fun and games that ‘above grounders’ are privy to.

For those of legal age, there is something extra exciting in-store – gambling games. Indeed, even casinos or virtual ones can be enjoyed in underground cities across Canada. You can play and win real money at Casino.com without braving the cold in the dead of winter. It’s a virtual gaming den enjoyed in an underground milieu, up in the cloud. Games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, video poker and even live dealer games streaming in real-time.

In Montréal, the underground city is the place to be in the blazing hot summers and the ice-cold winters. It’s an escape from the elements, a hub of retail therapy designed to wow the senses and keep Canada’s economy booming. It’s hard to believe that so much goes on down below. It all begins at Complexe Desjardins. There are plenty of souvenirs, local crafts, fine jewelry, haute couture, and decadent delights to feast your eyes on. All this sightseeing and entertainment invariably lends to a ravenous appetite. Fortunately, there are more food options than most have ever imagined.

The likes of Roselys Restaurant, Marche Artisans, Le Cathcart, and Time Out Market are but a few delectable names that spring to mind. Fans of art and culture get to enjoy world-class entertainment in the form of Musee d’art, Place des Arts, or the Art Souterrain festival. Just in case you were wondering about sharing news of your subterranean sojourn on social media, there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the food court. So you don’t have to spin slots reels, or roulette wheels on an empty tummy!