Probably not the best choice for backpacking!

Backpacking around the world is a great way to explore new places but with more of a budget minded outlook. Because you’ll be moving from place to place  more often than not, it is imperative to pack smart and bring along everything you may need along the way. When packing items that will be with you at all times, remember the “less is more” principle and spare your back from unneeded aches. Here are five tips to follow prior to your travels.

The right shoes

Your essential items should include shoes that dry quickly and are comfortable enough to walk around in all day and flip flops for showers. Your shoes should be of the non-slip sole variety and orthopedic inserts could go a long way in the comfort department. Extra socks are a must have too!

The right clothes

You should be packing a combination of warm and cool weather clothing like short and long sleeved shirts, pants and shorts. An outfit that is fancy enough to work for a night out is also important to pack. Don’t bring a ton of different outfits, it’s fine to wear the same shirt several days during the week. Accessories luckily don’t take up a ton of space and could be stashed in Ziploc bags or plastic bags. A most worrisome issue involved with backpacking is trying to figure out a good stain removal  process for all the clothes you wore and re-wore throughout the trip. Luckily, laundry services abroad are very affordable, so you don’t even have to wait to get back home before taking care of your clothes!

Roll Your Clothes

By rolling your clothes, you can pack way more into your bag than if you traditionally folded them. If you do it right and make sure things are tightly rolled, you can ensure things stay unwrinkled as well!


This is a must if you’re going to be charging any electronics in a wall socket during your trip. Don’t forget your camera either!

A waterproof backpack

Because you might never know when it will start raining suddenly, it’s important to stash your belongings in a waterproof backpack to keep them from getting soaked. Remember to bring a raincoat too, ponchos work well because they can be rolled up and cover much more than a rain coat anyways.
Apply this advice to your next backpacking adventure to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Happy travels!