When you are engaged, it can often seem like you are swept up in a whirlwind of emotions and stress when it comes to planning a wedding and making sure it is just as you had always imagined it. But when it comes to planning a wedding abroad, it can become slightly more difficult. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how you can set about planning your dream wedding abroad. 

Short List Your Ideal Locations 

When you are planning your dream wedding abroad, you should begin by shortlisting all your dream locations. Whether it be a beach wedding in Hawaii or a location wedding such as Paris, there are several amazing locations out there that would be perfect for your wedding. By having a list and researching every location beforehand, you and your significant other can begin to get a rough idea of which is the best location that works for your dream wedding.

Organise The Paperwork 

In addition to planning the location, it is important to make sure that you have all the legalities before you are set to travel. Whether this is the marriage licences or the passports and EHIC cards, this all needs to be organised beforehand to ensure that the wedding can go off without a hitch. By allowing yourself the time to organise all the paperwork in advance, you will make the travelling and other organisational aspects far less stressful than you would if they were all left up until the last moment when everyone is set to travel to the location. 

Keep The Guest List Simple 

Another helpful hint when planning a wedding abroad is to keep the guest list as small and simple as possible. As lovely as it would be to have everyone present on the day, this can be a lot to organise and can also dramatically increase the price of the wedding. By limiting the guest list and spending other parts of the budget on a photographer and videographer, you can have the dream wedding you want and capture it to share with everyone else back home. By restricting it to just the parents and core family members you can reduce stress and cost in one simple solution. 

Create An Itinerary 

The final way that you can go about achieving your dream wedding abroad is to plan an itinerary for the trip. This is a special occasion for everyone so planning some time both before and after the wedding to enjoy the trip as a family is a great way of creating memories and making the most out of the travel time. Whether these are planned tours or trips to some of the local landmarks, this is the perfect way to make your dream wedding even more enjoyable for the guests that you have bought. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can begin to plan your dream wedding with your significant other to make it everything you hoped it would be without stretching your budget. Where will you begin with the planning process?