In the last few years, people have become more interested in bicycles as a way to explore new destinations. Why did this happen? Well, bicycles bring plenty of advantages to a traveler’s life, as they offer easy access to the fabulous tourist spots you want to see, and they are also great for your personal health, saving money and protecting the planet. However, not all cities have the best infrastructure for bicycles, and this is why, before you prepare to go to a new destination, you should take a look at this aspect, as the last thing you want is to feel unsafe as a cyclist.

Most cities worldwide prefer to continue using private cars, but many towns have taken some measures to improve sustainability, and this is why they encourage their citizens to ride bicycles. Plus, now you can even consider electric bikes, which will enhance the cycling experience, as you can ride at a faster speed.

Here are the most bike-friendly cities around the world.


Helsinki is indeed one of the best cities for cyclists, as it is a place that wants to take the best measures to improve its sustainability. Since the pandemic, more sustainable transport initiatives have appeared, and local authorities have highlighted that cycling plays a vital role in adopting better sustainable measures. Helsinki is a green place, and has been recognized like this for the numerous benefits it has, including the cleanest tap water from the entire world. So, this location will bring the best conditions to continue cycling, as you can stay hydrated while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Not to mention that Helsinki is home to the Baana bicycle corridor, which contains more than 1,200 km of space where bicyclists can ride.


Copenhagen is recognized worldwide as a bike-friendly city because a great number of citizens use this means of transportation to go to work or school. The Danish capital set high standards on how a bike-friendly city should look, and it is a model that numerous other towns around the globe are inspired by. Cycling here is a pride, and with its excellent infrastructure, citizens don’t really have a reason why not to love riding bicycles. Plus, nowadays, riding a bicycle has improved hugely, as there have also been designed electric bikes which are fast and flexible, and will make you have a better experience than the one offered by traditional options. The costs of purchasing an electric bike will not always correlate with a hefty price tag, as you can always opt for an used electric bike for sale

So, whether you choose to ride a traditional or an electric bike in Copenhagen, one thing is sure: you will be able to better enjoy a beautiful city and arrive faster at those landmarks you don’t want to skip. 


Amsterdam couldn’t miss from the top bike-friendly destinations, as the city can be described as a bike lover’s paradise. Additionally, Amsterdam is also known as the “King City of Bicycles”, as it has complex networks of cycling places, and this is why it is very easy to explore the city. Encouraging the use of bicycles is just a measure that the country has adopted in taking green initiatives, as it wants to have emission-free traffic by 2030 and also diminish the dependence on natural gas by 2040. 

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best cities to explore by bike in the USA, as it has the greatest number of bike routes of all the United States cities. However, keep in mind that San Francisco is also the hilliest city in America and the second one in the entire world. This is why if you want to explore this city on bicycles, you should opt better for electric bikes, as they can cover a longer distance and you will not feel that tired. You can take a look at Upway, if you are interested in purchasing an electric bike, as there you surely will find something that is both reliable and affordable. 

San Francisco is a city that has taken a lot of measures towards embracing sustainability, as it has made recycling a legal requirement and banned single-use plastic. Well done, San Fran!


Vancouver is one of the most sustainable cities in Canada and also an eco-friendly and bike-friendly one. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, cheerful locals and movie-shooting locations. Additionally, numerous people grow their own vegetables at home, which proves why the city has wanted to implement other important sustainable measures. Vancouver also encourages people to use their bicycles instead of driving personal cars, and because it has a good infrastructure and more than 1,287 kilometers of bike land, riding a bike feels like a breeze in this fantastic city. 


Vienna has become recognized for its history and music, but now it is also one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. For instance, the town has plenty of spaces that are dedicated to city farms, parks and gardens and has taken significant measures to improve the quality of air and implement clean water. In fact, did you know that the tap water of the city is natural spring water? Regarding cycling, Vienna has over 1,400 km of cycling routes, from where you can admire the fantastic architecture and sculptures. 


Bordeaux should be on your bucket list for numerous reasons, such as the great variety of galleries and museums, the fantastic scene of gourmet delicacies and the breathtaking surroundings. But wouldn’t it be better to take Bordeaux in with the freedom of a bicycle? Bordeaux is one of the most bike-friendly cities in France, and this is why you will find it very easy to cycle around the town. Plus, there are several bike tours in Bordeaux, which proves that the city has committed to encouraging citizens to adopt sustainable measures. 

Which of these bike-friendly cities do you want to explore?