A vacation is an ideal time to get away and have lots of fun traveling with your family. All members of the family can interact with each other and bond during this time. When you’re on vacation, you’ll want to have as much as play time as possible. A good way to do this is to engage in fun and unique family games. Getting the entire family involved will create lasting memories that all family members will think about happily for years to come.


Here are some suggestions the entire family will enjoy:

Water Games 

Play water games with your kids. Try a classic game like seeing who can swim the furthest or the fastest. Throw an object like a small coin in the bottom of a pool. Whoever can get it gets to keep it. Purchase an inflatable floating ball. Toss the ball around for a game of water catch. Water slides are also a fun thing to do on vacation. Have family members see who can slide the fastest or go the furthest.

Dance Lessons 

Many of the best vacations all inclusive deals offer wonderful family fun times. These deals often include lessons of various kinds. Take advantage of this fact and learn to dance. Have everyone participate. See who can dance the fastest or do most turns in a short time.

Sand Games 

A day at the beach is a wonderful time to experience the thrill of new textures. Help your kids explore sand by creating sand games with them. Show them how to build a sand castle. See who can build the largest castle or the one with the most number of towers. Find the different layers of sand by helping your kids dig a big hole in the sand. See who can dig the most and lift the most amount of sand in a single shovel.

Card Games 

Teach your kid’s basic card games like gin rummy and old maid. Card games are an ideal pastime when waiting on line or just relaxing by the pool. A pack of cards means endless fun and family togetherness. Challenge your children to invent card games of their own. Ask them to think of rules that only apply to family members. You can also use pickerwheel.com to randomly select what game you want to play with your family to keep things fair because you know everyone will want to play something different!

Use your imagination to help bring your family together. Take the time to interact with your kids and enjoy their company.