Not all jobs are the same. Some just need to get up in the morning and go to the office, but others offer something completely different, allowing you to live an adventure every day by discovering new worlds, creating something of your own, gazing at spectacular landscapes and writing about your experiences. So examine these five jobs that will take you out of the monotony of everyday life by discovering them with our article today.

1. Marine Biologist

By marine biologist, we mean the field of knowledge that is relevant to aquatic organisms and the life around them. But what exactly does a marine biologist do?

The marine biologist spends a lot of time at sea observing wild marine life and recording information he collects from its organisms. This work requires the study, observation, protection and management of marine organisms, whether they are microbes and plants or fish and marine mammals. If all of this already seemed quite demanding – how would you feel about spending most of your day underwater, swimming next to dolphins and whales? If the answer is yes, then surely this job would be ideal for you. After all, what better way than to explore and study such a mysterious and magical world! Perfect place for this dream job – the Komodo region, in Indonesia.

2. Voice actor

Voice actors are the personalities behind the characters of a movie, animated series or video game. A voice actor trains his voice before each recording and adjusts it according to his role. Many times there is a possibility that he will be asked to play and perform a combination of voices. Their roles may include singing as well as recordings for TV commercials and online audiobooks.

There is no specific training to become a voice actor, except for some schools that host workshops and voice training programs or acting studies. That’s why most actors develop it empirically. The best part of this job is that while you are in front of a microphone and making voices, you never appear on camera, allowing you to go to work even in your pyjamas. It definitely sounds fantastic! Would you try it? If the answer is yes, you can visit, a company that is constantly looking for young people who have the appetite to take up the profession, providing quite good rewards and opportunities for development.

3. Adventure Photographer

If you like photography and adventure, then you are probably in the right place. To become an adventure photographer, you need a passion for photography and a disposition for a constant search.

Nature is their office, and a tent is their home since most of the time they are in the countryside to capture the magical moments we see, only from photos. There are a variety of subjects to photograph, from hiking and climbing to kayaking and surfing, and anything else extreme, of course. They are present in incredible events and natural phenomena.

Most of the time, they actively participate in many athletes’ experiences, which makes them risk their own lives to get a single shot. The magical and dreamy part of their work is that they see the wonders of nature from the first eye and from a distance and become one with them!

4. Travel writer

If you love travelling and life as well as sharing them writing about them, then surely this job is a dream come true. Travel writers are basically travellers who explore all parts of the world and write about their unique experiences.

Every day they upload photos to their blog or social and allow readers to travel with them through their articles. These blogs often raise issues of different cultures or share stories of other travellers, which results in inspiring and moving the audience through their narratives. If you believe that you can endure endless journeys, try it, and you will surely be rewarded with the most extraordinary experiences of your life.