Poland has been making waves in 2023 for producing the top European destination. Warsaw, the capital, emerged at the top after getting over 0.5 Million votes, beating 400 other destinations. The city is famous for its attractions, including orangeries, palaces, pavilions, and unique buildings. With that many picturesque cityscapes, you’d always have places to go, but long-term travel can get expensive. If you’re planning an extended trip around Poland, finding ways to make money on the road can help fund your journey. You can supplement your budget with creativity and effort to continue traveling indefinitely in this beautiful country.

Create a Poland Travel Blog

If you can write, start a blog about traveling and destinations and monetize it. By writing about your travel experience or simply sharing details about different destinations, you’ll always have inspiration. As you journey around the country, share your experiences through photos, stories, guides, and tips. Your Poland travel blog can generate revenue when integrated with affiliate links and ads.

You’ll need a domain name for your site, a blogging platform, and your writing resources to keep updating your audience with engaging content. If need be, take a short online course (most of them are free) on how to start blogging, market your site, or make engaging yet ranking content. You’ll make good cash from affiliate links and views if you have significant traffic.

Make Extra Cash Gambling 

If you enjoy a good play time, you can monetize your gaming sessions by playing online casino games for real money. Think about it: you pay for every activity on your travel to-do list. Why not try your luck with gambling? The idea is to have fun while also getting a chance to make extra money.  

For this to work, you’ll need a budget you can stick to. If you win, you get to fund your next activity. The good thing is that you can play when it’s most convenient for you. All you’ll need is a stable connection and the best online casino. Not to worry, you can pick one from this list of legal online casinos in Poland. If you’re a first-time gambler, the list includes details about deposit and withdrawal methods, bonuses, how to register, and updates on the legal landscape. This information should be enough to get you started on your quest to fund your next activity.


You can earn extra cash teaching students within your areas of expertise be it a foreign language, crafts, or particular subjects. You can particularly thrive teaching English. Here’s how.

Teach In-Person English Lessons

Once situated in Poland, look for opportunities to teach English lessons in-person to earn cash. Options include private tutoring or teaching at a language school. The former involves finding students looking to improve their English through conversational practice and the latter involves applying at local English schools and academies.

Teaching English Online

This provides location-independent income. All you need is a TEFL certification, laptop, and internet connection. Numerous sites like VIPKid, Palfish, and Qkids let you set your own hours tutoring Chinese students in English through video chat.

Do Freelance Work Online

Freelance work encompasses everything from writing, graphic design, web development, and more. With freelancing, you can work for clients worldwide while traveling anywhere with your laptop.

Sign up on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexjobs to access freelancing gig listings. Build a profile highlighting your skills, experience, and portfolio. Then, apply for projects that match your abilities. Sites like Rev even pay for transcription work. Managing a few steady freelance projects can earn $500+ per month.

Work during mornings, afternoons, or evenings when not out exploring. WiFi cafes provide excellent remote working spots between adventures. Just make sure to confirm visa requirements related to earning income remotely in Poland.

Get Paid for Focus Groups & Studies

Universities and market research firms in Poland’s big cities frequently recruit participants for focus groups, taste tests, surveys, and studies. They listed opportunities on platforms like OLX.pl.

Sessions pay around 50-200 PLN for an hour or two of your time. While income is limited per engagement, these opportunities pop up regularly in student cities like Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław. Check listings when you pass through.

Rent Your Home or Car

Apps like Airbnb, Booking.com, and Rentalcars allow you to earn extra cash by renting your spaces and vehicles when not using them. For example:

  • Rent out your house back home while traveling and earning your passive nightly income.
  • List your Polish car Rentalcars when not road-tripping to offset the payment.
  • Rent your Poland Airbnb out for a month via Booking.com while backpacking elsewhere.

Start accounts and list available spaces, cars, and motorbikes to line up renters before departing. This provides earnings even while on the road. Just be sure to manage bookings and communicate with renters.

In the bottom line, follow your interests and skills to discover creative ways to earn remote income while adventuring through Poland’s cities, landscapes, and beyond. Get established before departing so you have income streams lined up abroad. And be sure to comply with visa requirements related to working while traveling.

With smart planning, you can fund your journey long-term in this affordable European destination. Making money while traveling will allow you to explore Poland according to your schedule and comfort.