Why not allow your home or any properties you’re not using every day to make you money while you’re traveling the world and exploring exciting new destinations? Airbnb can be the perfect solution, enabling you to use your property when you need it and make money from it when you don’t. But what can you do to prepare your property for Airbnb guests if you don’t want to spend a fortune? 

Prepare the Bathrooms

Clean bathrooms are perhaps the most important element of getting an Airbnb ready for guests. Stained countertops, broken tiles, and old shower curtains are some of the fastest ways to make a bad impression and end up with negative reviews on your Airbnb profile. 

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get your bathrooms ready for guests. New countertops from a professional company like Capitol Kitchen & Bath can be chosen depending on how much abuse you think they’ll take. If your Airbnb property won’t be used very often, you may be amazed by how affordably you can get new countertops considering how small an area they’ll need to cover.

Create a Locked Space

If you intend to live in your Airbnb property part-time, there will probably be some things that you want to keep at your house but don’t want guests to interfere with. A locked space is an important feature so you have somewhere to put your things where they will be safe. 

Some people don’t like the idea of guests using their bedroom and so keep that room locked. Other people just have a few things to keep safe which can be kept in closets or a shed. 

Since your guests won’t have much stuff to store, they are unlikely to miss access to closets, sheds, or other storage spaces. On the other hand, locking off a bedroom means that you may be limiting the guests that will choose your property. 

Get Ready for Pets

Very often, people choose Airbnb so that they can bring their beloved pets along with them. Opening up your Airbnb to pets is a great way to increase the number of people that will likely want to stay at your property and the amount they’ll pay to do so. 

Choosing pet-friendly features like furniture covers, food and water bowls, and a securely fenced yard can make it much more likely that pet lovers will love your Airbnb and leave you great ratings.

Take Advantage of Airbnb While You’re Traveling

Why not let your property earn you money while you’re globe-trotting? You may be amazed by just how little it costs to get your property ready for Airbnb guests so it can make you money while you’re gone.