The beaches in and around Alicante are some of the best beaches in the Costa Blanca by far...!

Summer is here in full force, as dismal overcast days have given way to clear blue skies. However, this has come at a cost, as the resultant humidity has made it feel like you could cut the soupy air with a knife. What you need is to get to a beach, so you can spend the sultry days with your body submerged in the cool sea.

You would do this in your home country, but the available options are either too crowded, the scene is not great, or you’ve been to them so many times that getting away to these places wouldn’t feel like a true trip. Fortunately, mainland Europe is a large place, and the further south you go, the more gorgeous and tepid the waters get.

As such, getting away to Costa Blanca in Spain will prove to be the holiday you need to get away from the stifling heat of the city, as well as the holiday you want, as this region in Spain is famed for its social scene. Let’s talk about this amazing beach destination in more intimate detail below, so that you might plan the perfect beach holiday in Costa Blanca.

Planning and research

You might be the type to pre-plan everything before heading out the door on your trip, but even then, arrangements may have to change on the fly for a myriad of reasons. If this happens to you, or if you’re the type that likes to make accommodation and transport bookings on the fly, we recommend hiring a mobile wi-fi device (from a provider such as to ensure a reliable connection, no matter where you are in the Costa Blanca.

This way, when things go wrong on the road, far away from an internet cafe, you will be able to fix things immediately with minimal disruption to your holiday.

Which beach will meet your needs?

There are several major beaches in the Costa Blanca region, each with the their own flavour. If you wish to combine a city break with your beach holiday, then Alicante will fill the role nicely, as it combines a popular city beach teeming with volleyball courts, sunbathers, and countless restaurants and bars along its backside.

Those looking to let their hair down will find it hard to leave Benidorm, as there are well over 800 bars in this resort city. This creates insane competition, leading to drink specials that will have you slapping yourself across the face just to ensure you aren’t dreaming.

If you wish to see attractions other than the beach on a day off from the sun, sand and surf, then basing yourself in Denia will allow you to pursue these alternative endeavours with ease. With Roman ruins and a historical old town that contains plenty of hints relating to its past as a fishing town, this place will satisfy your lust for learning, while a family friendly sandy beach awaits on other days.