So I just spent a few days up in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic which is located on the central northern coast. I didn’t really know much about it accept there were supposed to be lots of cool things to do, decent nightlife, and bit less touristy than Punta Cana. Believe it or not, this was the most physical vacation I’ve ever had and it wasn’t even planned. My hotel was on a beach called, “Kite Beach”, which is one of the meccas for an amazing sport, kite urfing (check it out if you’ve never seen it, follow me on Instagram and you’ll see a video I posted – user: theworldorbust). Given the technicality of it, I didn’t want to spend the money for the expensive lessons if I wasn’t going to be around for a few weeks to really get the hang of it.

But, luckily there was a wealth of other activities to enjoy that were just as fun. Within 30 minutes in either direction you can do kite surfing, wind surfing, regular surfing, sailing, mountain biking, motocross, crossfit (did that), horseback riding, circus school (not kidding), yoga, wake boarding, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, canyoning and a ton more.

Everyone at my hotel was really focused on being active so I kind of felt like a piece of crap if I wasn’t keeping up. The nightlife in the town of Cabarete is pretty fun too, so between running around all day doing stuff and staying out at night, I literally slept for 12 hours upon my return to Santo Domingo.

But one thing that I did which was really cool was the waterfalls tour, known as the 27 Charcos. I opted for the 7 waterfalls tour as it focused on the more memorable ones. I got picked up early in the morning on a big open back truck and we headed about and hour and a half away into the hills. We then suited up with helmets and life jackets and headed on a short 20 minute hike into the woods until we came to the waterfalls. From there on, we were swimming and hiking through multiple waterfalls and streams until we reached the top, in which we turned around and either went down natural water slides or jumped from waterfall to waterfall. It was awesome. Check out my video (big jump towards the end)((you can make it higher quality by hitting the little gear icon))