Dynamics 365 is the highly recommended and user friendly that was announced by developer Microsoft. The dynamics 365 is having two editions like business edition and the other one is enterprise edition. Business edition caters to various small to mid-size enterprises (SME or SMB) and the enterprise editions belong to medium to large business organization. The business edition comes with financials applications and on the other hand, the enterprise edition is mostly associated with dynamics CRM or customer relationship management which includes field services, sales, product automation, etc. With the addition of power apps source along with Microsoft main feature ERP products combine well to successfully featured in dynamics 365 operations.

History of dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the Microsoft by far the biggest announcement in July 2017. Since then all its products and enterprise edition are engaging users. The CRM application which was earlier worked well for the users is now called as customer engagement plan (CEP). The great thing about usedynamics is its keenness to offer users and customers a unique chance to exchange good customer and business relationship.

Features and applications


The sales work include a smooth operation of managing and monitoring each product or services sold at a given time period. It is a responsibility and highly respectable work operation to successfully take the finance acquisition, conversion of sales to next level. The people who sell the product or offer goods are called sales person or sale spokesperson of an organization or business firm. The seller has added responsibility to track all the development and progress that it is getting on a regular basis. Marketing and seller both differ from each other. Selling is the final stage in marketing. A marketing plan revolves around pricing, promotion, place of selling products, etc. The main goal of marketing is to try and maximize the chances of doing and interacting businesses, sales promotion, advertising etc. Sales are the continuous effort of one person to another person (B2C) or one person to corporate (B2B).

Customer service

Customer service is the big thing happen in business to business (B2B) marketplace. it is mostly a customer product related support service where the services around the clock available to sort out product related complaints and general queries. Customer support services are like any general question or help the customer needs; the support services assist them for better business and customer relationship.

Talent management

Talent management is the most demanded and identifying the pool of talented job seeker in business management. The HR requites and let the applicant apply for the desired profile. Everything from job openings, selection of the suitable candidates, handling the round of job interview all are done on the behalf of the talent management group.


There are many things that can cover up for a business central solution. Use dynamics has been continuously working towards one common goal and that is to keep the high business performance intact for a longer period.