The digital transformation in healthcare has opened up new opportunities for organizations that they could have only dreamed of years ago.

These inventions have made significant developments in the healthcare industry, both online and in real life, benefiting patients, service providers and other professionals significantly.

One of these technology advances is telemedicine, which is all about making healthcare accessible by bringing services online.

In recent years, telemedicine services have soared, and with that has come a rise in the number of telemedicine apps in the app store.

These apps help with a variety of different things, with some helping people to find physicians and make appointments, while others focus on using assistive technology and deep machine learning to diagnose and treat conditions completely remotely.

You might think this is a pretty niche section of the healthcare industry, but it has grown to become part of mainstream life, used by casual customers and businesses alike.

In fact, telemedicine services are so popular that 22 percent of employers with 1000 or more employees offer telemedicine services, with a further 37 percent planning to include them by the end of the year.

With the rise in telemedicine services and applications, however, it’s difficult to work out which ones are right for you from what is offered on the market, and that’s where we step in.

Join us today as we tell you about all the best telemedicine apps you should invest in today.

Walgreens ‘Find Care Now’

Most people in the US are probably more aware of Walgreens for the hundreds of retail stores it has across the country.

You might be surprised to learn that they are also one of the most innovative technology and pharmacy companies currently operating within America.

Find Care Now is a digital platform created by the company that helps to connect millions of mobile users with healthcare services offered at Walgreens, and a growing selection of recognized providers within the app user’s local vicinity.

This selection of recognized providers are often regional healthcare provider who have already earned the trust of patients after years of service within their communities.

Together with these providers, Walgreens are building a powerful, omnichannel role as a convenient and trusted neighborhood healthcare destination.

This makes it easier for customers to navigate and search for local and digital healthcare services.

In certain areas, the healthcare options are varied and can include any of the following services:

  •     Local healthcare clinics
  •     Urgent care
  •     Telehealth
  •     Lab testing
  •     Physician second opinions
  •     Physician house calls
  •     Optical and hearing services

MD Live

MD Live provides problem-free, secure consultations from doctors in a time and cost effective manner.

Patients who use this app are able to get in touch with many different telemedicine healthcare professionals through the use of a single app.

These professionals include doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors and dermatologists.

Another good thing about this app is that it’s easy to use and completely built with customers in mind.

Once the patient has signed up, they can head straight into an appointment with a board-recognized professional, or make an appointment for a later date that is more convenient for them.

MD live isn’t just good for patients, however; they also provide a great platform for healthcare providers to join their telehealth team of practitioners, even if they haven’t had any previous experience.

To make sure that the standard of these professionals is in line with the rest of their professionals, MD live will also provide specialised and focused telemedicine training that allow healthcare professionals to provide outstanding care from the get go.


AmWell is one of the major players in telemedicine applications, partnering to deliver the best HIPAA compliant and secure telemedicine services on the market.

They provide 24/7 doctor support in a wild variety of healthcare fields, including urgent care, therapy, psychiatry, and other conditions.

Patients have the ability to choose from a wide range of different physicians with all different skillsets based on their availability.

There is a fixed cost for using these services, but it’s well worth it when you consider your ability to have access to physicians and other healthcare professionals at the tap of a few buttons.

Babylon Health

Babylon health is a great example of companies challenging the limits of technology current available in the healthcare industry.

According to DAP, one of the biggest healthcare trends at the moment is artificial intelligence, which is exactly what this app uses to create its interface.

Using an AI doctor, they provide medical consultation through a deep learning system that directs patients to healthcare experts and services.

They are an AI doctor that provides medical consultation through a deep learning system that directs patients to healthcare experts and services.

The bot helps patients by responding to messaging, and posing questions that help it to figure out your medical condition.

It will then use the information you have provided to recommend what, if anything, should be done from there.


Accessing therapy and counselling services through mobile apps has become increasingly popular in recent years, and TalkSpace is another app that does just that.

They make mental healthcare accessible for everyone by giving patients the opportunity to access services with one of over a thousand licensed, on-board therapists.

To use this app, all you need to do is take an initial assessment that will identify the right kind of therapist for your needs.

This therapist will respond to your messages once or twice a day, and patients can write to them whenever they feel the need.

They also have banking-grade encryptions to make sure the conversation remains safe and private at all times.


As you can see, the telemedicine applications we’ve used above are used by patients for a variety of different services, but they all aim to improve the future of healthcare.

By making it more accessible, according to renowned cardiologist Simon Stertzer, telemedicine “provides higher quality care through the integration of high grade technology”.

So what are you waiting for? If you feel you could do with the help of one of these apps, why not download it and give it a try today?