Did you decide on a gap year? If you have, you must make this the most memorable year of your life! Gap years serve to give you a rest of all those exams, subjects, and research paper tasks. It is also a great way to explore the world before you jump into the adult world. With the numerous cheap flight and accommodation options available today, it would be a shame if you didn’t use the opportunity that presents itself.

The trickiest part about a gap year is deciding where you’ll spend it. Sure, you can mix a couple of places, but what would those destinations be? There are many amazing locations and routes you can take during your gap year. In this list, you’ll find the most popular ones among students such as yourself.

  1. Thailand

For a couple of years now, Thailand is on the top of the destination lists of many students worldwide. It’s easy to get there and the place is perfect for students on a budget! Thailand has cheap accommodation, food, and amazing things to see and do. When you visit it, you can tick many of the boxes on your travel to-do list. From pristine beaches with mesmerizing sunsets to a culture that exists only on their ground, you’ll truly immense yourself into a spectacular journey.

  1. Australia

Interestingly, Australia hardly pops into mind when you think gap year. For some it is too far, for others it is too unfamiliar. But, if you do a quick search online to see what the best destinations for a gap year are, this will probably be one of the first five choices.

It’s not strange at all – Australia has an immense number of things to offer to you. If you’re interested in an unforgettable adventure with an unlimited access to activities and sites, this is the place to go.

So, get your visa, pack your bags, and book your trip to the country down under. If you have many research paper topics to work on, toss them aside. Thankfully, Edubirdie helps with research papers, so you can leave them your assignments and have them ready when you get back from your amazing trip.

  1. Japan

Too tired of trying to figure out how to start a research paper or pass an impossible subject with only a week to study? If you are, it is time for a break. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, I have the perfect place for you – Japan. From their advanced technology to their unique ancient relics, the small Asian island has so much to offer you.

Get ready to see the most bustling cities on earth and find the spot where the old is mixed with the modern. This is a great opportunity to climb Mount Fuji and see one of the most spectacular views in the world, or to visit their colourful temples.

  1. Spain

Spain has been one of the top travel destinations in the world for quite a while. It’s really affordable and rich in culture, making it a great place to see during your gap year. From their Spanish artists and magnificent architecture, there’s quite a lot to do in Spain. They are known for their dancing, music, and unique country, as well as the prices that even those on a tight budget can afford.

  1. China

China is one of the most promising business hubs in the world. In this place, you can boost your resume and build some really useful skills, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to the interesting language, China has quite a memorable culture and a really rich ancient history. The climate can vary from one spot to the next one, so plan well, pack your bags, and go explore this marvellous country.

  1. USA

Of course it is the USA. This has been the student hub for years now, with thousands of young people visiting the country to study or join the program ‘work and travel’. Since you’d be taking a gap year, you can actually spend more time in the melting pot country everyone speaks of.

The USA is grand and truly versatile, which gives everyone something to do there. Get ready for the richest cultural experiences, the most versatile food choices, and some of the most modern infrastructure you’ve seen.

  1. India

India isn’t just budget-friendly – it is also the most exciting place you’ll ever visit. If you go from one of their bustling cities like Mumbai, you’ll be shocked to see the calm small villages where time seems to be standing still. If you’re into iconic sites and history, you’ll definitely love their popular Taj Mahal, and if you are adventurous, you should definitely take a stroll through their desert or mountain. India also has plenty of volunteering programs you can join to promote community development.

  1. South Africa

Speaking of volunteering, this is the place where it all begins. South Africa needs our help, so if you’re interested in spending your time helping others, this is the place to be.

But, there’s much more to it than just economy imbalance or slowly developing laws. South Africa is actually a spectacular place to see thanks to its wildlife and amazing food, as well as the scenic destinations and vibrant cities.


Have you decided where to begin? Remember – the idea isn’t just to pick one location and spend all your time there. This is your time off and the grandest chance you’ll ever have to explore the world. So, think of it this way – how many places can I put in my travel itinerary?

Author’s Bio

Ray Campbell is an editor for several newspapers and writing companies. He works as a freelance editor, leaving him room to do what he wants most – travelling. Campbell says that travel is what gives him the strength to work and the thing that taught him to see writing from different perspectives, which is what makes him a successful editor to begin with.