The pavement of your driveway connects to a road. The pavement of that road connects to an interstate highway. And the interstate highways connect you to every corner of the continental United States and beyond. It’s time to kickstart that motorcycle of yours to take advantage of this network of pavement.

There’s nothing like the rush of turning that throttle. Your hog growls and the excitement grows in your gut as the G-forces make you hold on tight. You’re taking advantage of the most exciting form of transportation the engine groan of your bike lets everyone know. Take the thrill out on the open road for an epic motorcycle road trip.

You See Everything

Cars are restrictive. You’re encased in glass and metal. It’s like you’re gliding down the road in your own little room. You can’t smell the air or feel the wind. And you certainly can’t see everything.

A motorcycle gives you fully-immersive and unobstructed 360-degree views of the world. You can cruise past the largest trees in the world in Sequoia National Park while taking in the full grandeur. You can cruise on a cliff-edge in Glacier National Park to feel the danger and to see across an untamed landscape. You can take in the lights of the Las Vegas Strip while ripping the engine to add to the noise. You get the whole experience on your bike. You might as well be seeing the sights on your television from a car.


Motorcycles are faster, more nimble and use a fraction of the go-juice when compared to cars. This can really save you some coin on a long road trip. Take a drive from New York City to Sturgis, for example. It spans 1,734 miles. Driving a 30-mile-per-gallon car would require about 60 gallons of fuel one-way. Cut that in half for a motorcycle that gets 60 mpg. That’s a $180 in savings round-trip at $3.00 per gallon.

These savings more than help make up for the fact that motorcycle insurance premiums tend to be higher priced than those for standard automobile coverage. The reason insurance for motorcycles is usually higher is because of the heightened risk of danger which comes from riding a motorcycle versus driving a car.

The Fun

Car drivers will never know the excitement of cranking that throttle, splitting lanes or riding on a cliff-edge. Leaning into a bend feels great as it gives you a sense of freedom. The entire world is your oyster on a motorcycle road trip.

It gets even more fun with a crew. There’s an intimidation factor when you roll with other riders. Cars will get out of your way and nobody will bother you at your pit stops. There’s a pride in riding a bike that others simply won’t understand.

Motorcycle Safety

Of course, there are some downsides. You’ll have to sacrifice some safety on a motorcycle. After all, you don’t have the advantage of being surrounded by material designed to cushion you in the event of a collision.

Make sure to schedule plenty of rests along your road trip’s route. It’s always good to schedule these rests around a need. You can rest well at a point of interest or a restaurant. You don’t need to just halt at every rest stop to get a candy bar out of the vending machine.

Always bring your DOT-approved motorcycle helmet and make a point to wear it when riding. Some states strictly enforce helmet laws. And make sure to check your tires frequently on a long road trip. Wear and tear, debris and low air pressure can lead to a trip-ending blowout on the open road.

Motorcycle safety is easy. It just requires some due diligence, and it’ll give you peace of mind during an epic road trip on your favorite bike.