Since VoIP sprung up on the telecommunication surface, numerous businesses have jumped on the bandwagon. It is a tough call to pick one out of the many internet phone service providers. You have to several factors into account such as pricing, features, along with the advantages and drawbacks.

Today, we are here with an honest review of a popular VoIP service provider, Axvoice, so if you are considering this service provider for your residential or business communication needs, you must know what to expect.

Why AxVoice?

Axvoice is all about affordable and quality VoIP calling. The service allows the user to enjoy amazing calling features without paying additional charges, unlike the regular landline service.

You can easily manage your calls or your VoIP phone’s settings from anywhere with Axvoice online account management. The simple plug-and-play system makes it easy to get started right away.

The Features

Along with the affordable pricing, the features are the main reason for Axvoice’s impressive popularity.

Incoming Call Features

AxVoice’s incoming call features let you control your incoming calls and establish better control.

  • With the call waiting feature, you can switch between two calls. And you don’t have to hang up on any of them either.
  • If you are busy, then you can use the Do Not Disturb feature to redirect the incoming calls to voicemail.
  • The blacklist feature lets you block specific numbers from calling you.
  • You can see the caller-ID of the incoming calls.
  • AxVoice lets you use two different Axvoice numbers on a single line and distinctive ringtones for both lines for your convenience.
  • There is also a feature called the Simultaneous Ring,which makes three different numbers to ring simultaneously.
  • Apart from the blocking feature, you can prevent anonymous numbers from calling you using the Anonymous Call Rejection feature.
  • The Call Filter lets you sift your contacts and redirect them to your AxVoice line.

 Outbound Call Features:

AxVoice’s outbound calling features allows you to control your outgoing calls and give you tons of features:

  • The Alternate Caller ID lets you set a different caller ID for your outbound calls. This way, you could keep your real number from showing up on others’ phones.
  • In the event of poor bandwidth on your internet connection, AxVoice lets you switch to low-bandwidth codecs like G.729, GSM, G.711u, and G.711a.
  • You can use the Caller ID blocking to prevent your caller ID from showing up on the person’s phone.
  • If you are in trouble or a dangerous situation, you can use the E911 support/Enhanced 911 feature that provides the dispatcher number to the authorities.
  • You can add a new participant to an ongoing call with the three-way calling.
  • Businesses receive tons of calls, so the lines are often busy. You can use the Music on Hold feature to keep your callers on-line.
  • The international call blocking feature lets you block destinations outside Canada and the U.S., so you can save yourself from paying extra on your AxVoice plan. Or you could get the unlimited international calling plan and make calls to 60+ international destinations for free.
  • There is no need to dial country or area codes while making local calls. AxVoice lets the users take advantage of the 7, 10, and 11-digit dialing so you can easily dial phone numbers.

Call Forwarding Features:

AxVoice features don’t end here. Here is the list of AxVoice’s few call forwarding features that make it rank amongst the best VoIP service providers:

  • You can set up sequential call forwarding on three lines using the Find Me/Follow Me
  • Your calls are forwarded to the number you specify if there is a power outage or the ISP is down.
  • You can use the call forwarding feature to redirect calls from the AxVoice line to any specific Canada and USA phone numbers.

Advanced Features:

AxVoice offers tons of advanced features to the users in the form of business and residential plans. And you don’t have to pay extra for any of them:

  • With a simple configuration, you can set up on your AxVoice line if you have an unlocked VoIP device with the BYOD
  • You can check your voicemail from your AxVoice web account remotely with the Enhanced Voicemail.
  • You can view all call logs for your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.
  • AxVoice’s free in-network calling lets you make unlimited calls to other AxVoice numbers.
  • To make your VoIP calls from anywhere, just download a third-party softphone app on your phone, computer, or tablet and you are good to go.

Price and Packages

AxVoice internet phone service provider offers three main plans to the users: Business, residential, and international plans. Customers can benefit from the convenience of annual and monthly payment options. The wide range of features with affordable pricing plans has garnered Axvoice the title of one of the best VoIP service providers this year.

AxVoice Business Plans:

The business plans are great for home offices, entrepreneurs, and small business setups. Business plans not only offers standard features to the users but some extra features that can help business owners with blacklisting and network calls.

  • The Small Business plan (available for $29.99/month) lets you enjoy standard features along with 1500 minutes of free calls. Anything over the free minutes is charged at 1.5c/min which still is good.
  • The Home Office (SOHO) plan lets you use the standard features for $14.99/month. You can enjoy 200 minutes of free calls that you have to pay 1.5c/min after consuming the said minutes. Also, you get 200 minutes of call forwarding that is going to be charged for 1.5c/minutes later on.

AxVoice Residential Plans:

For residential internet users, there are three plans:

  • The US/Canada gives you unlimited outgoing calls at $8.25/month.
  • For $4.99/month, you can use the Pay as you Go Plan and use standard features. Also, outgoing calls and call forwarding at 1.5c/minute, respectively.
  • The US/Canada 200 plan costs you $5.99/month with all the standard features along with 200 minutes for outgoing calls and calls forwarding each.

AxVoice International Plans:

For people who have to make lots of international calls, we recommend the unlimited international calling plans of Axvoice that they can get on top of their local-calling plans.

  • For the cost of $16.58/month, the Residential International Plan lets enjoy all the standard calling features, free outgoing calls, and call forwarding features along with calls to 45+ international destinations.
  • As for the Residential International Plus Plan, for $29.99/month, you enjoy all the standard calling features like the Residential International Plan, but you can enjoy outgoing calls to 60+ international destinations.

The Good

Here are a few advantages of the AxVoice internet phone service provider:

  • The service is simple and easy to use.
  • AxVoice offers excellent call quality for long-distance calls.
  • With a third-party app, you can use AxVoice on your phone.
  • Low-bandwidth codecs keep the call quality perfect under any internet bandwidth.
  • A 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can port out your existing phone number or use a new local number.

The Bad

AxVoice more than 30 features to the users but there are a few drawbacks of the service.

  • Customer support service is not available 24/7.
  • The 15-day money-back guarantee comes with a few limitations.
  • AxVoice does not offer a free trial version.
  • The unlimited plan has the usage policy of 3000 minutes.

Our Take

Axvoice delivers value for money with its variety of calling features, affordability and excellent call quality. Though there are a few limitations to its money-back guarantee and there is no trial version, the service is pretty good, which makes these issues secondary. If you want to switch your current VoIP service because it’s either too expensive or doesn’t have enough features, just get Axvoice.

Clark Thomas is an expert in VOIP. He helps businesses both small and medium-sized, in implementing and adopting the best security methods for their organization and network. He gives great advice regarding and assists people in boosting the security measures for their website and business.