While a bucket list can certainly contain any dreams and ideas the creator sees fit, travel-related experiences are often a big part of any list. After all, getting to see different parts of the world is a huge goal for many people — and for good reason. The world is filled with a wide array of unique sights to see and experience.

So if you’re working on your bucket list and looking for some travel ideas to add to it — as well as some tips on how to turn these adventure dreams into reality — consider the following experiences:

1. Take an Alaskan Cruise

If you’ve always wanted to see glaciers, a variety of amazing wildlife and scenic national parks up close and in-person, booking an Alaskan cruise is just the ticket — literally. Experience amazing views of some of the nation’s most glorious and pristine lands, all from the relaxing comfort of a cruise liner.

As a bonus, you don’t have to drive in unfamiliar areas; after all, when you’re on a cruise, all of your needs are taken care of, and all you have to do is sit back, enjoy the view and snap plenty of photos. To help transform this idea into reality, book a cruise liner that specializes in 2019 Alaska cruises, including one-way and round-trip journeys that last for any number of days.

2. Head to the Grand Canyon

For those who want to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you can do so with a trip to the Grand Canyon. In addition to heading to popular lookout areas and admiring the awe-inspiring views, spend as much time as you wish hiking and even channeling your inner Brady Bunch by going on a mule trip.

To ensure you get the most out of your journey to the Grand Canyon, start by researching information about the North Rim, South Rim and Grand Canyon Skywalk, along with lodging and camping accommodations and hiking opportunities.

While the hottest times of the year in northern Arizona are between May and September, the North Rim is only open between May and October, so if your bucket list includes this part of the canyon, be prepared for some toasty conditions.

3. Hike the Himalayas

When people think of the Himalayas, more often than not Mount Everest comes to mind. While you might not have the time, desire or stamina to hike to the top of this peak, you can still experience plenty of trails in the mountain range to make it worthy of your bucket list.

The Himalayas include hundreds of mountains that span across India, Pakistan, China and Bhutan. Many people decide to travel to India or Nepal. But if seeing part of China or Bhutan is also on your bucket list, you could accomplish a two-for-one of sorts by seeing the mountains located in these countries.

Google “Himalayan trip to China” or whichever other countries you wish to see, and then go from there to set up either a more intense hiking trip or one that involves shorter walks combined with stays at luxury resorts.

When the Bucket is Empty, Start Over!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of travel-related experiences to add to your bucket list. Enjoy a more laid-back experience on a cruise ship to Alaska, ooh and ahh at the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon, and/or trek as little or as much of the Himalayas as you’d like — along with any other must-dos.

And when you check these items off your list, you can always add more, as there’s certainly no shortage of incredible places to visit domestically and abroad.