Apps You Must Have

According to reports by the Air Travel Action Group and the International Air Transport Association, between 2.8 and 3 billion people travel by air every year. With air travel being so popular, it is beneficial to find ways to ease the process.

Find and download these 7 apps as you get ready for your trip. While some may seem obvious, others like finding a good VPN may not be something you would think of before departure. These are the apps you must have while traveling.

1. LoungeBuddy

Have you ever wished you could walk through those frosted, sliding-glass doors into the unknowns of the “Members Only” lounge to enjoy an oversized lounge chair while waiting for your flight?

LoungeBuddy makes visiting the posh airline lounges possible without spending a fortune on air travel each year. The app charges a one-time fee for entry into many lounges located in airports around the world.

Simply tell the app where you are, and it will present a list of available lounges. Flash the screen at the front desk and enjoy your luxury accommodations while you wait for your next flight.

2. Uber

It is important to acknowledge that Uber is not available everywhere. With that said, according to Uber, their rideshare service is available in almost 70 countries. Check out their list here to see if your destination makes the cut.

Uber can make communication challenges non-existent as the app tells the driver where to go and keeps passengers informed of their status. In many cases, Uber is less expensive and far more convenient than attempting to hail a taxi in an unfamiliar city, especially if you don’t speak the local language.

3. Maps.ME

Yes, there are many mapping apps available, and at least one has likely already been installed on your mobile device. Maps.ME provides a unique service by allowing maps to be downloaded.

You can view the downloaded map without using mobile data that is often more precious when traveling abroad. Maps.ME also offers travel guides that tourists can use for exploring cities. These complete routes will help you organize your trip and ensure you visit all the famous landmarks in the area.

This mapping app is ideal if you are traveling to a country with a different language, as it can help you get around without the help of a local.

4. Duolingo

Speaking of language barriers, why not spend some time before you leave learning the local language? Duolingo offers easy to follow lessons in 33 languages (some more earthly than others – Klingon is an option for you serious Trekkies).

You may not have time to become fluent in a language, but you will certainly be able to ask where the closest restroom is or how much an item will cost. Knowing a few basic phrases can easily make your trip more enjoyable.

5. Google Translate

This app does more than simply translate conversations, going as far as offering the ability to snap photos of various signs and translate it into your language of choice. It can be invaluable when looking for a particularly difficult to find landmark while traveling.

The Google Translate app also offers the ability to translate verbal conversations or those typed into the app directly. There is also an offline mode, so you can translate everything you need, even if mobile data is not available.

6. Roadtrippers

Not all travel means crossing the border. Put away the giant, fold-out map and download the Roadtrippers app to ensure an amazing trip across the country.

The app does the complicated work of estimating waypoints and even highlights hotels in the areas you may be stopping. Simply tell it where you want to go and let it guide you to the best sights, eats, and stays along the perfect route.

7. A VPN

Traveling and logging onto unknown, unsecured networks go hand in hand. It is an unfortunate truth that these networks harbor those looking to steal information that could compromise your privacy and data security.

Using a VPN on your smartphone will ensure your security when you need to use the airport WiFi to check your bank balance or log in at your hotel to send a quick email. A NordVPN will provide data encryption that won’t allow anyone to see what you are doing online or what information is sent or received by your device.

Depending on where you are traveling, you could end up in a country with internet censorship and invasive monitoring policies. A high-quality VPN app will help you bypass these restrictions and keep your activity hidden from everyone, including the government.


There are so many apps available that make travel easier; it can be difficult to decide which ones are worthy of being installed on your device. But you can start with these 7 apps to make your trip is more enjoyable, efficient, and safe.