You are very lucky to have a bit of free time today. Why don’t you spend it playing flash games? Let’s get started! In the following post, you will discover some awesome flash games which you can play for free from any web browser. Chrome browser is the best bet. Do not forget that you need a Flash Player installed. If you love fun activities, give a try to these online games.

Mario Games

Players who love adventures should pay attention to the following mario games online. You will find something for your taste. You can choose characters: Mario, Luigi, and others. It is time to save Princess Peach from Koopa. Will the beautiful princess be finally in a safe place? Get some help from Toad. If you love sports, you can choose Mario Tennis or other sports flash games.


10 Bullets

The game “10 Bullets” is very special thanks to its ammunition potential. This flash game is a casual retro shooter game. You will have ten projectiles to take as many spacecraft as possible. Pay attention to the timing. A whole fleet of nasties can be obliterated with a single bullet. This game can be played secretly in the office because you have to tap just a single key to play.


Abobo’s Big Adventure

This game is a nostalgic NES tribute. It represents a completely forgotten face of retro games of the 8-bit era. A massive hulk with big muscles from Double Dragon will have to save his son. Prepare yourself to punch a lot of people directly in their faces. It may sound violent, but this is a tremendous anti-stress flash game. You will enjoy the following old-school visuals typical to classic games.


A Dark Room

The game “A Dark Room” comes from the developer of Gridland. It supplies the same surviving challenge. If you are not afraid of challenging tasks this game is perfect for you. Enjoy a menu-driven adventure. You will have to create a community in a crazy wilderness. You will have to deal with management, logistics, as well as animals attacks. This adventure will be grueling and long. If you do not have a lot of time and you would like to continue your game later, you should save the current progress in your web browser and continues it later.


Alter Ego

Concerning the content, the game “Alter Ego” is not visual. It is a good remark from a retro game. Now it is available on any web browser. This game deals with progress via everyday life. This game has nothing to compare with “The Sims”. You will not see idiots who blunder all around. Instead of them, you will have multiple-choice text and stark icons. This smart script has a depth. Besides, the text was written by a psychologist.