Amazon Kindle

The most straightforward answer to someone asking if the Kindle Fire by Amazon can be hacked is a resounding yes. It is important to remember that anything that is or has been connected to the internet could potentially be attacked by a cybercriminal.

This is not to say that a hack of your Kindle Fire is highly likely, given cybercriminals’ propensity to attack high-value targets and popular operating systems. Amazon Kindle Fire is generally safe, as long as you stick to apps from the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Kindle Fire also automatically updates its operating system, which adds a layer of foolproof to its security. On a very basic level, Kindle Fire is less likely to be hacked than a Windows-based tablet or a laptop.

Some might say that because of this lower possibility it’s not worth taking extra security precautions. With all that said, it is still ideal to protect your information and web browsing as much as possible.

Keeping Your Amazon Kindle Fire Safe

Now that you know your Amazon Kindle Fire is vulnerable to the same hacking that your laptop is, it is time to put some precautions in place to make sure an attack is less likely. Follow the tips provided below to enhance the security of your Kindle Fire and safeguard your privacy.

– Download anti-virus & anti-malware apps. While it has been noted that Amazon Kindle Fire is not considered a high-value target by hackers, making a cyber attack less likely, there are still plenty of vulnerabilities present that make downloading security apps worthwhile.

This step is particularly beneficial to those frequently using their Kindle Fire to browse the internet. Also, if you find yourself downloading apps from third-party vendors outside of the Amazon Kindle App Store, you will want to install an app that inspects new apps for any suspicious issues.

– Consider using a VPN. Safety is certainly paramount, and a VPN ( can offer confidence, especially when using a public WiFi network. The dangers of unsecured networks are readily apparent, and a VPN offers encryption to help keep your data safe as it is transmitted. However, extra security through the data encryption process is not the only reason to install a Virtual Private Network on your devices.

Many use their Kindle Fire to stream media and can be kept from doing so due to regional or geographic restrictions while traveling. A high-quality VPN will allow you to choose a server in a country outside of the restricted area and return your streaming practices to normal.

– Keep your Kindle Fire safe physically and use strong passwords. The fastest way to have your information taken by someone else is to leave your device somewhere it can be stolen. Keep your device near you and never leave it sitting out in public view.

Use a strong, unique password for your Kindle and all your mobile devices. This will help slow any attempt to access information about you stored on the device. Unfortunately, if your device gets stolen, you will need to take inventory of what accounts you have been logged into on it and change passwords.

– Stick to the mainstream when browsing the web. Malware is a problem for devices like Amazon Kindle Fire, and much of it comes from visiting untrustworthy websites. Only view sites that you are familiar with or that are considered popular.

When entering account or credit card information on a website, look for the lock symbol suggesting the site is secure. Besides, any site offering items for purchase should have a URL that begins with HTTPS.

Avoid clicking links that look suspicious or unusual. This applies to both web browsing and reading emails. Many phishing attempts are made via email and simply following a link can lead to a challenging battle with malware.


Most people see e-readers like Amazon Kindle Fire as simple mobile devices enabling them to access their favorite magazines or read the latest novel. The convenience of keeping your library in one place is undoubtedly a welcome technology.

However, it can be tempting to ignore the vulnerabilities present in the device itself. Following these simple steps described above can safeguard your Amazon Kindle Fire from cyber-attacks and other chances of data theft.