In the ever-evolving world of digital communication and social media, interaction platforms have become obsolete over time. Many of us remember MySpace, but we have moved to Facebook as it has increased in popularity and user numbers. 

Changing Platforms

If you are currently creating content and making money from platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, you will already be aware of newer platforms that are rising in popularity. One of the recent platforms that has taken off is TikTok. Although this has proven problematic, it has also shown how quickly a platform can overtake previous platforms. 

When you make a living or even just supplement your income with money made from social media content, it is important that you are aware of what is developing in the world of social media. Ensuring you are aware of the upcoming platforms, such as Alua, will mean you can move to more popular platforms sooner. 

If you are interested in switching platforms, being aware of the changes in platform users’ behaviors will be an indicator of when changes are needed. You may choose to change platforms either to provide a different service to fans, to create a different type of content, or to make more money. 

During the process of deciding which platform to move to, you should also consider where your followers may move with you. If you have a big enough following, you may be able to influence your fans to move to a new platform with you. However, you may experience some hesitation if you choose a new platform.

Transferring Services

If you offer your followers personalized services at an additional cost, you should research whether you can offer the same services on a new platform you are considering. If you can find a platform that will allow you to offer extra services to fans, this could be a big incentive for fans to transfer with you. 

If you are not able to offer the same services, you will need to consider which services you can offer at a comparable cost to your fans. You could create a poll to ask your fans which services they value the most from you to see which platforms will suit those needs. 

You can also consider using separate platforms to combine services, such as a YouTube channel membership to give fans additional content and then a discord server to enable direct communication. Combining two platforms enables you to give your fans what they value most from you. 

If you can offer your fans the services they want from you, there is a higher likelihood of you growing your following. A larger following will increase the amount you can earn from the platform you choose. 


If you plan to make a living from social media engagement or simply add to your existing income with it, the amount you are able to make will factor into your decision of which platform to use. 

Each platform will charge a fee for use; some will be more than others. You should research which fees will cost you more to ensure that you do not lose more of your earnings in fees than you can afford to lose.