Whenever you use your computer and receive a message from Apple, that tends to be very serious. However, the truth is that not every alert or message you receive from Apple is actually legit. The Apple Security Alert is one of those issues that have circulated quite a lot recently in the online world. People are worried that their computers might not be working the way they should, and it always 

Is the Apple Security Alert dangerous?

The Apple Security Alert is a pop up that appears and it tells you that your device is infected with malware. However, the problem here is that it will encourage you to take action right now in order to prevent any issues or data loss. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you avoid clicking on that because it might send you to a random, sometimes dangerous website.

Remove any suspicious extensions

A good starting point is to try and remove any extensions that might seem dangerous. As you can see in this article, sometimes we have a lot of extensions that we don’t even need or use. Making sure that we remove those extensions is a great idea. At the end of the day, we just want to keep browser extensions that we use often. Otherwise, we can install and then remove an extension once we use it.

Use a Cleanup tool

It’s also possible that you might have spyware or malware on your Mac. That might be the cause behind your Apple Security Alert issue. If that’s the case, a cleanup tool can help quite a lot. It identifies any instances of malware that are on the computer. Then, all of them are removed. It’s the best way to not only perform some maintenance, but also ensure that you avoid having any malware in the background while you are working.

Delete any unwanted apps

Sometimes there are apps that will bring malware on your device. That’s especially true when you are installing third party apps. You always want to install apps only from genuine locations like either the developer website (which you trust) or the Mac App Store. If you have any random apps you never installed in the Applications folder, delete those right away.

Clear the website data and history

You also want to delete all the website cache, history and data from your browser. You don’t want any malware to have access to all that info. It’s sensitive info that can be used to emulate your presence online, steal your identity and so on. That’s why removing the cache and info accumulated by your browser is a good idea. Try to perform that task often.

It’s safe to say that the Apple Security Alert is a ploy to help you visit dangerous websites or download infected files. If you see this Apple Security Alert, then install a Cleanup tool and identify any malware instances on the device. Apple will not send this type of alert, so automatically you know there’s something wrong and you might be infected with malware!