Information explosion is the rapid increase in the amount of published information or data and the effects of this abundance. With the increase of available information, the problem of managing information may arise if not properly managed hence causing information overload.

In a world that seems to get smaller with information that grows exponentially, we are faced with the dilemma of transferring this information between multiple channels in such a short time.

With the advancement of technology, we have found faster and more efficient ways to handle information. The use of electronic messaging in the forms of emails and text messages has risen due to the amount of information available to be processed, but like economics said, human wants are insatiable hence the need for more. With the rise of the information explosion, there has been a need for more room on various electronic messaging platforms.

Amongst the options for the improvement of electronic platforms is bulk messaging. Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of messages to mobile terminals. Many bulk messaging platforms have emerged to try and cater to the need of disseminating this information. The use of mass email software has also been employed by many people seeking answers to their information explosion questions.

Mass Email Software

Mass email software is a digital application used to send large numbers of emails. Mass email software is independent software standing alone from the main email software itself. The software acts as an intermediary carrying emails from the senders and delivering them to multiple recipients. Most mass email software is hosted by third party companies who sell access to their systems to customers who manage their contacts and run their email campaigns agreeing on a fixed payment plan. Many have chosen the third party hosted mass email software because of the reliability of vendors and the technical ability of the companies. Another type of mass email software is the self-hosted mass email software where the users buy a license or develop their program and then host the program. This method is preferred by many because it eliminates the third party and in turn the consistent payment of fees. Whichever type of mass email software is put in use, one thing is for sure, a large number of emails would be sent to multiple accounts with almost the efficiency of sending one email.

Bulk messaging is only the tip of the iceberg to what can be achieved when it comes to matching information explosion with information processing and dissemination. There is still so much more to study and achieve when it comes to the spread of information because information grows exponentially when compared to the population. Strides are being made in the study of big data analysis and the process of information from when it leaves the first point of contact till it gets to the last user.