If you’re one of those people who have to be on the road constantly, you can understand how frustrating it can get. Having come hundreds of miles for a meeting and realizing you’ve forgotten an important document somewhere. Of course, that is just one of the countless situations that can arise when you’re traveling. What you need is access to technology that can help you keep yourself digital and portable. Having the cloud is just not enough. You cannot rely on calling someone repeatedly to make little changes in documents and who says whom you must carry the documents even for signing? Try these apps and see if your life is not easier by the end of the week.


You might think that smart apps can go as far as letting you know of flight schedules and finding coupons and promotions. Sure, they do that, but there is more. Concur offers a variety of business-oriented services that can get you much help that you need. Using Concur’s invoice management services, you can be sure that you have the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), human resources and accounting systems organized and managed for you. Together, they are used to collect and process data to provide you with the perfect step by step procedure that you can follow to run your business in an organized and professional manner. You can imagine all the hassle of going away but let us not wait and try the app.


If you are a broker and you are looking to get many signatures, you should have DocuSign on your phone. Taking full advantage of the invention of digital signatures, you can leave the hard copies at home and travel freely, allowing you to seal the deal instantly. You can adjust and draft up legally binding documents on the go and given the nature of the cybersecurity threats like flexispy around; you can rely on DocuSign to encrypt your documents for protection. This extra layer of security goes a long way when you safely get the documents transferred between your portable gadgets and office computers.

Google Translate:

You might have heard about it, but you should try out the latest update in Translate. This app enables you to hover your camera over the text that you are looking to translate and you can have the translated version displayed on your screen. Making it more accessible to travel to a foreign land without getting lost or knowing where you are. The app offers a translation of over 100 languages. You can choose the input and the output option in the forms of both, audio and visual translation.

Hotel Tonight:

Last but not the least, Hotel Tonight is a great app that all travelers should have in case they get stuck and have nowhere to go. During travels, you cannot take risks, and you certainly cannot manage to book a hotel at the last minute. That, however, can be changed with Hotel Tonight. Using the app, you can book hotel rooms at the last-minute all across America, Europe, and Australia.


Make sure that you have the right traveling experience. Getting to see the world should be a fun experience in itself, whether you’re doing it professionally or for personal reasons. Use the most of technology that you can find as it can help make things more comfortable.