One of my favorite things to do while traveling these days is adventure activities, whether it be mountain biking, riding motorcycles, wake boarding or something else semi-extreme, I’m usually game for it. Sure, going to museums, eating at nice restaurants and staying at sexy hotels is enjoyable, but there is nothing like getting out into nature, testing your limits and seeing what you’re made of. So, when I heard about the newest adidas campaign to push individuals to show what their passionate about, I thought it was a good synergy with what The World or Bust stands for.

adidas Outdoor has just launched a new project called #ClaimFreedom where they’re calling on outdoor enthusiasts to submit a project idea of their choice, with no real limitations. You can submit your idea on the adidas website here with a deadline of Dec 15 2015. The winner will be invited to join the adidas Outdoor Team and have their project become a reality.

The winner’s project will become the real deal with the help of adidas between March and May 2016. Every project idea submitted on the website will be documented, celebrated and also shared globally on adidas’ social media pages as #ClaimFreedom is about a community of people looking to test their limits and explore their world, not just one person.

Check out the promo video for the #ClaimFreedom featuring some of the current adidas Outdoor Team members including Kevin Jorgeson, Sasha Di Giulian, Sam Sutton and Pete Henk.

this post was sponsored by adidas, but all words are my own.