You’ve just landed in Lauderdale and are now searching for the best accommodation in the city scrolling through Google search results. 

You must be feeling tired after a long flight. Therefore, we’ll quickly reach the point without wasting your precious time.

The two best types of accommodations that you are going to get are hotels and short term rentals fort Lauderdale FL.

Now, you must be thinking, well, which one should I prefer? The answer depends on the kind of trip you are on. Are you on a business trip or a vacation with your family?

Hotels can serve the best kind of hospitality during your business stay, but short-term rentals comprehensibly win the battle if you want to chill out with your family. 

Let us discuss both these options in detail.


1. luxury

Deciding what to cook for dinner will be the last of your concerns on a business trip; instead, you may want to invest your time in managing your business chores. That is why business people prefer hotels.

Hotels offer you comfort and convenience. For example, you can get a cab booked, order food, enjoy a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, relax in a well-maintained swimming pool and have a few tequila shots before you head to bed. 

In other words, you get all amenities you may want to enjoy on a business trip

2. Predictable and safe

Hotels have tight security systems as the premises are kept under CCTV surveillance. So, a hotel is suitable if you are very skeptical about your safety and that of your business belongings. 

Most hotels thrive on safety reviews, food hygiene and room services. Therefore, you are unlikely to encounter theft, low-quality food and lousy services. 

3. Location benefits

Hotel chains are generally located near the city center, unlike short-term rentals situated in the lap of nature. 

If you are on a business trip, you have a limited time to finish your job and report to the authorities. That is why staying in a hotel is much more feasible, as it helps you save time for your commute. 

Short-term rentals

1. Zero disturbance

If you have visited Lauderdale on vacation, you might need total privacy for yourself, and short-term rentals provide you with just that. 

No staff will disturb you for receiving orders, and you don’t have to abide by any rules or regulations. 

You don’t have to be friendly and indulge in formal small talks with any manager if you don’t feel like doing so. Moreover, nobody will question you on your check-in and check-out times. You can decide where and when to go without any restrictions. 

2. No rules and regulations

Most tourists like to enjoy their vacation at their own pace. They don’t like to abide by rules and stay in a limited space. That is why short-term rentals are their best bet. 

Even on a business trip, if you are accompanied by a group of colleagues who want privacy then short-term rental accommodation can suit your business purposes too. You can hold meetings at your short-term rental place without disturbance or restrictions. 

3. Home away from home

Short-term rentals give you the liberty to cook your meals, tend to your laundry and live like you own the property. You get furnished bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and bedrooms etc. 

Owners may also provide some complimentary amenities for short-term rentals that are absent in long-term rentals, such as welcome wines, fruits and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these detailed descriptions of both options will help you derive decisive conclusions based on your priorities. So, choose a short-term rental if you value liberty or go for a hotel if convenience is your priority.