The benefits of booking a private jet means jetting off to places like Koh Samui without putting up with the annoyances of commercial air travel... photo by CC user moaksey on Flickr

Business class air travel can be a pleasurable experience compared to flying in cattle class. However, having a better seat on the plane doesn’t make you immune to the whole host of other issues that mar air travel in the present day.

Overzealous TSA agents, consistently delayed flights, and cabin crew with nerves stretched thin by the current working climate are just a few examples of this. There is a way to pole vault over all these problems, and it involves chartering your own plane.

It’s less expensive than you think, and once you read about the benefits of booking a private jet, you may never go back to flying with a commercial airliner.

1) It’s quicker and more efficient than flying with a commercial airline

Think back to the last time you flew on a commercial airliner. It’s shocking how much time is wasted on both ends. Lines that move at a glacier’s pace, incompetent TSA agents, an eternity spent at baggage claim, power-tripping border agents, and don’t get us started on constant delays due to chronic congestion plaguing most major air hubs in the USA these days.

When you fly private, all these problems go away. Chartered jets can depart from one of innumerable general aviation fields located across the country, allowing you to bypass the bureaucratic hurdles and inefficiencies present at major airports.

2) The experience is tailored to your needs

When you fly with a mainstream airline, you are forced to manipulate your schedule to meet their needs. You have to head out to the airport at times that they prescribe, which can become a problem if your final destination is not a major air hub.

If you do not live in a place where regularly scheduled commercial flights operate, you have to get in your car and drive multiple hours to an airport that does, and you have to leave your ride in a lot with questionable security for however long you might be gone.

With private aviation, planes can land at smaller facilities near you, and can be ready to fly you out at any time of the day or night. Running late? The plane will sit there on the tarmac and wait for you.

3) Private jets make for superior work environments

Even if you fly business class on your next flight, you still have to contend with a number of obstacles to your personal productivity: the sound of crying babies wafting in from coach, the funny cough of the gent across the aisle-way, and so forth.

When you book a private jet through providers such as Charter A Ltd, you get a serene environment where you can execute on high level work with minimal distractions.

4) No more lost luggage

One of the greatest equalizers between the those in economy class and those behind the curtain is that both parties are at the mercy of tight connections brought on by delayed flights. This invariably causes bags to go missing somewhere in transit, and being booked into first class doesn’t protect you from this.

When you fly with a private jet company, all routes are direct, and since you bring your bags on board with you, there’s no chance that bungled schedules or careless employees could misplace your precious belongings.